La Union Official Candidates 2013 and Mock Elections

La Union Tourist Spot
Ma-Cho Temple, one of La Union’s Tourist Spots | Photo grabbed from

The La Union official candidates for May 2013 elections are available here. All official candidates running for governor, vice-governor, board member (sangguniang panlalawigan member), congressman, mayor, vice-mayor, and councilor (sangguniang bayan member) are shown here for your reference.

We also provided you here mock elections for some positions for you to cast your votes.

These elections will be held in the province of La Union for governor, board members, congressmen, mayors and councilor positions on May 13, 2013.

La Union Official Candidates Tourist Spot
Ma-Cho Temple, one of La Union’s Tourist Spots | Photo grabbed from

Dubbed as the Garden Coast because of its botanical gardens, the regional center of Ilocos region, La Union also boasts of excellent world-class surf breaks and thus, appropriately nicknamed the Surfing Capital of Northern Philippines.

La Union, with its fine coastline that faces the South China Sea and its beautiful gardens, fell way behind in tourism after more popular tourist destinations like the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, Palawan, Batangas, and Boracay gained more prominence in the past 10 years.

La Union Official Candidates 2013 for Provincial Government

La Union Official Candidates 2013 for Provincial Governor

  1. Dumpit, Tomas (National Unity Party)
  2. Ortega, Manoling (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

Among the names found in this list, who will you probably vote for as MAYOR of Taguig City, if elections were held today?
La Union Official Candidates 2013 for Provincial Vice-Governor

  1. Dumpit, Tess (National Unity Party)
  2. Nisce, Aureo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 for Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member


  1. Aragon, Victoria (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Hufana, Teofilo (National Unity Party)
  3. Mosuela, Rey (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  4. Nacionales, Rafael Jr. (National Unity Party)
  5. Orros, Jay Jay (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats)
  6. Ortega, Francisco Jr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  7. Ostrea, Joaquin (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  8. Padilla, Remy (National Unity Party)
  9.  Rafon, Ernesto (Independent)


  1. Alaba, Richard (National Unity Party)
  2. Bacurnay, Nancy Corazon (Liberal Party)
  3. Dumo, Nelson (National Unity Party)
  4. Flores, Bellarmin II (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  5. Hermano, Ronald (National Unity Party)
  6. Madarang, Robert Jr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  7. Ofiana, Pedro Jr. (Independent)
  8. Rillera, Ruperto Jr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  9. Rivera, Christian (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  10. Torres, Richard (Independent)
  11. Villanueva, Clarence II (National Unity Party)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 for Congressman


  1. Ortega, Victor (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats)
  2. Tongson, Ruella  (Independent)


  1. Dumpit, Thomas (National Unity Party)
  2. Eriguel, Eufranio (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 for City/Municipal Government

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – AGOO


  1. Chan, Mario (Independent)
  2. Chan, Prospera (Independent)
  3. Eriguel, Sandra (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Balbin, Henry (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Boado, Jaime Romualdo Jr. (Liberal Party)
  3. De Vera, Rogelio (Independent)


  1. Asprec, Daniel (Liberal Party)
  2. Balbin, Violy (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Balderas, Renato (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  4. Bulatao, Leonard Florent
  5. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  6. Dacpano, Isidro (National Unity Party)
  7. Doctolero, Bernardo (National Unity Party)
  8. Dy, James (Liberal Party)
  9. Fronda, Ricardo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  10. Gali, Burick (National Unity Party)
  11. Gali, Mundo (Independent)
  12. Komiya, Priscilla (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  13. Laus, Feliza Aurora (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  14. Milane, Pabs (Liberal Party)
  15. Niñalga, Roni (Liberal Party)
  16. Oficiar, Denver (Liberal Party)
  17. Oller, Reynaldo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  18. Paneda, Agustin (Liberal Party)
  19. Quindara, Coach (National Unity Party)
  20. Ramos, Joseph (Liberal Party)
  21. Regacho, Manong Ador (Liberal Party)
  22. Rivera, Doming (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  23. Villanueva, Andrea (Independent)
  24. Villanueva, Felizardo (National Unity Party)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – ARINGAY


  1. Chan, Jackie (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  2. Ong, Amiel (Liberal Party)
  3. Pimentel, Eliezer (Independent)
  4. Sibuma, Eric (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Dacanay, Josephine (Liberal Party)
  2. Juloya, Charlie (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Juloya, Melchor (Independent)
  4. Obra, Genoveva (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)


  1. Bacus, Benedicto (Liberal Party)
  2. Balangue, Vito (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Batario, Victoriano (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  4. Borja, Federico (Liberal Party)
  5. Cariño, Romeo (Liberal Party)
  6. Diaz, Ma. Isabel (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  7. Dulatre, Glicerio (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  8. Estoque, Alfredo (Liberal Party)
  9. Frijas, Wilfredo (Independent)
  10. Gajo, Edelito (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  11. Garcia, Edward (Liberal Party)
  12. Garcia, Teresita (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  13. Guasch, John Benedict (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  14. Herrera, Rolando (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  15. Juloya, Rachell (Independent)
  16. Mangaoang, Ramsey (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  17. Medriano, Reynaldo Jr. (Independent)
  18. Ong, Reggie (Liberal Party)
  19. Parentila, Angelina (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  20. Pumares, Giovanni (Liberal Party)
  21. Santos, Melencio (Independent)
  22. Sibuma, Benjamin (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  23. Ugay, Norma (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  24. Yaranon, Emelio Roland (Liberal Party)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – BACNOTAN


  1. Dacanay, Peping (Independent)
  2. Fontanilla, Minda (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Fontanilla, Padi (Liberal Party)


  1. Almirol, Fred (Independent)
  2. Fontanilla, Francisco (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Rodriguez, Mario (Liberal Party)


  1. Alminiana, Angeles (Liberal Party)
  2. Almodovar, Eddy (Liberal Party)
  3. Almodovar, Frank (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  4. Almojuela, Onofre (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  5. Antolin, Virgilio (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  6. Avecilla, Manuel (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  7. Bucsit, Fred (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  8. Cariaso, Al (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  9. Cuaresma, Estrella (National Unity Party)
  10. Dela Peña, Corazon (Liberal Party)
  11. Fontanilla, Alpin (Independent)
  12. Liwanag, Chito (Liberal Party)
  13. Macabitas, Randy (Independent)
  14. Nuesca, Alex (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  15. Obra, Marlon (Liberal Party)
  16. Ortega, TJ (Independent)
  17. Rinonos, Sharon (Liberal Party)
  18. Sagun, Joel (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  19. Valmonte, Edijer (Independent)
  20. Valmonte, Onofre (Liberal Party)
  21. Villanueva, Chester (Liberal Party)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – BAGULIN


  1. Tumbaga, Ferdinand (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Lictao, Tomas (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Rico, Atong (Independent)
  3. Sallatic, Lagoy (Independent)


  1. Apasao, Bandel (Independent)
  2. Badbadaoi, Juanito (Independent)
  3. Bastian, Delfin (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  4. Buyacao, William (Nup) (National Unity Party)
  5. Camarao, Ruben (Independent)
  6. Cambal, Alvin (National Unity Party)
  7. De Leon, Felisa (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  8. Ducusin, Ondang (Independent)
  9. Estira, Erning (National Unity Party)
  10. Estira, Ronald (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  11. Flor, Alibon (National Unity Party)
  12. Jucutan, Boy (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  13. Judan, Lito (Independent)
  14. Lictao, Kalo (Independent)
  15. Mazon, Talia (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  16. Nang-Is, Joel (Independent)
  17. Rolino, Mario (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  18. Soriano, Y-We (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  19. Tumbaga, Bol-It (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – BALAOAN


  1. Concepcion, Al-Fred (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Ostrea, Gerard Jose (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Concepcion, Carlo Castor (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Concepcion, Rogelio (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Is-Isa, Rosie (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  4. Ledda, Roben (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  5. Marron, Michael (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  6. Ordinario, Ramon (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  7. Ostrea, Cesar (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  8. Portacio, Emiliana (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – BANGAR


  1. Dingle, Saturnino (Independent)
  2. Merin, Joy (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Dabalos, Jhet (Independent)
  2. Mosuela, Willy (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Coloma, Helena (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Contaoi, Oscar (Liberal Party)
  3. Dabucol, Agaton Edwin (Liberal Party)
  4. Dian, Master (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats)
  5. Dizon, Jolenz (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  6. Flores, Eddie (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  7. Gavina, Edmund (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats)
  8. Lozano, Jimmy (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats)
  9. Lucina, Basiong (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats)
  10. Lucina, Jojo (Independent)
  11. Maala, Estrella (Liberal Party)
  12. Macabitas, Cris (Liberal Party)
  13. Macadaeg, Ronald (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  14. Makiling, Mario (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  15. Mantilla, Noling (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  16. Monis, Atong (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats)
  17. Moster, Luis Jr. (Independent)
  18. Mosuela, Edz (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats)
  19. Sales, Pacifico (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  20. Sierra, Colonel (Liberal Party)
  21. Taguiam, Irene (Liberal Party)
  22. Villanueva, Gretchen (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  23. Viray, Michael (Liberal Party)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – BAUANG


  1. De Guzman, Eulogio (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  2. Dumpit, Joya (National Unity Party)


  1. Aquino, Bong (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  2. Malinao, Boni Sr. (Liberal Party)


  1. Alambra, Lilia (National Unity Party)
  2. Augusto, Maki (Independent)
  3. Balagot, Edgardo (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  4. Balbuena, Alfredo (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  5. Basa, Emil (National Unity Party)
  6. Bernardo, Veron (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  7. Caloza, Donato (Independent)
  8. Cruz, Iren (National Unity Party)
  9. Damisil, Felipe (Independent)
  10. Daus, Jayr (Liberal Party)
  11. Dumo, Nap (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  12. Estigoy, Boying (Liberal Party)
  13. Flores, Raul (Independent)
  14. Gallardo, Wowie (Liberal Party)
  15. Ganaden, Raymund (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  16. Gundran, Antonio (Independent)
  17. Hermano, Manuel Jr. (National Unity Party)
  18. Lopez, Wilmar (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  19. Malinao, Kit (Liberal Party)
  20. Obong, Romeo De Guzman (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)
  21. Sotto, Gabriel (Pwersa Ng Masang Pilipino)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – BURGOS


  1. Abansi, Jose (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Banta, Benjamin (National Unity Party)


  1. Gacayan, Juanito Sr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Abansi, Nestor (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Ancheta, Rolando (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Aromin, Romel (National Unity Party)
  4. Atting, Lolita (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  5. Cachero, Rolando (Independent)
  6. Comedis, Dennis (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  7. Delos Reyes, Isidro
  8. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  9. Genove, Clemente (Liberal Party)
  10. Lenneng, Jane (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  11. Lomboy, Samuel (Liberal Party)
  12. Martinez, Mario (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  13. Mendoza, Pio (Liberal Party)
  14. Nisperos, Danny (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  15. Sallatic, Edgar (Independent)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – CABA


  1. Bacuñgan, Edgar (National Unity Party)
  2. Crispino, Clyde (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Ortega, Michelle (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan)


  1. Castillejos, Edgar Allan (National Unity Party)
  2. Crispino, Philip (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Ordoña, Barok (Independent)
  4. Vito, Conrado (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan)


  1. Añiz, Opet (Independent)
  2. Bacungan, Jessie (Independent)
  3. Balangue, Daniel (Independent)
  4. Bautis ta, Luis (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan)
  5. Castigo, Leopoldo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  6. De Guzman, Dan (Independent)
  7. De Vera, Orlando (Independent)
  8. Ducusin, Philbert (Independent)
  9. Dugenia, Don Mar (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  10. Dulay, Patricio (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  11. Estalilla, Noel (Nationalist Peoples’ Coa lition)
  12. Fesalbon, Fatima (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan)
  13. Fonbuena, Panieng (Independent)
  14. Gachallan, Renato (Independent)
  15. Isidro, Rebecca (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan)
  16. Llarenas, Ireneo Rey (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  17. Maglaya, Joseph (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan)
  18. Mangaser, Ronnie (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  19. Mariñas, Reynaldo (Independent)
  20. Obando, Geoffrey (Independent)
  21. Orlanda, Elva (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  22. Palo, Marlon (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan)
  23. Picazo, Honorio Virgilio (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan)
  24. Romero, Rolly (Independent)
  25. Runes, Manny (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  26. Sobejana, Elmer (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan)
  27. Sobejana, Romeo (Independent)
  28. Wenceslao, Elpidio (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas Ng Bayan)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – CITY OF SAN FERNANDO


  1. Jucutan, Rey (National Unity Party)
  2. Ortega, Pablo (Independent)


  1. Gualberto, Dong (Independent)
  2. Ortega, Pepe (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Abat, Rudy (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Almazan, Lakay (Independent)
  3. Borja, Manuel (Liberal Party)
  4. Dacanay, Andre (Liberal Party)
  5. De Guzman, Jojo (Liberal Party)
  6. Duclayan, Josue (Independent)
  7. Ducusin, Erning (National Unity Party)
  8. Dyquiangco, Lolita (Liberal Party)
  9. Gundran, 3/4 (National Unity Party)
  10. Jucar, Tony (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  11. Lacsamana, Mario (Independent)
  12. Laudencia, Ramon (Liberal Party)
  13. Nisce, Chary (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  14. Nisperos, Danny (National Unity Party)
  15. Nisperos, Leonardo (Independent)
  16. Ordoño, Tres (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  17. Ortega, Alf (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  18. Ortega, Francisco Paolo V (Liberal Party)
  19. Sanchez, Elvie (National Unity Party)
  20. Verzosa, Ferdinand (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – CITY OF SAN FERNANDO


  1. Marron, Victor Marvin (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Napiñas, Aris (Independent)


  1. Resurreccion, Romeo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Aragon, Ruben(Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Barnachea, Julius (Independent)
  3. Bautista, Enrique Jr. (Independent)
  4. Canaoay, Delfin II (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  5. Casem, Alfredo (Independent)
  6. Flores, Ricardo Jr. (Liberal Party)
  7. Higoy, Cesar (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  8. Nacionales, Luzviminda (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  9. Napeñas, Rizalina (Independent)
  10. Nera, Ernesto Jr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  11. Nicolas, Jun (Independent)
  12. Nievera, Imelda (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  13. Nillo, Romeo (Liberal Party)
  14. Nobleza, Julito (Liberal Party)
  15. Nobleza, Reynaldo (Liberal Party)
  16. Nuval, Mario (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  17. Pinzon, Rachel (Liberal Party)
  18. Reyes, Albino Sr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  19. Reyes, Oscar (Liberal Party)
  20. Valdez, Carlos (Liberal Party)
  21. Valmonte, Lydia (Independent)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – NAGUILIAN


  1. Flores, Reynaldo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Hidalgo, Maria Concepcion (National Unity Party)


  1. Aromin, Ricardo Sr. (National Unity Party)
  2. Rimando, Abraham (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Abenoja, Hartzell (Independent)
  2. Argueza, Ceferino (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Balas, George (National Unity Party)
  4. Corpuz, Constante Jr. (National Unity Party)
  5. Dalope, Claude (National Unity Party)
  6. De Los Reyes, Lorenzo (National Unity Party)
  7. Estepa, Salvacion (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  8. Estilong, Samuel (National Unity Party)
  9. Florendo, Julita (Independent)
  10. Hipol, Jofre (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  11. Huliganga, Ernesto (National Unity Party)
  12. Nudas, Menelio (National Unity Party)
  13. Padaoan, Jaime (National Unity Party)
  14. Rimando, Hulgar Redentor (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  15. Rimando, Ismeraldo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  16. Rimando, Marivic (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  17. Soriano, Danny (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  18. Subala, Julio (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – PUGO


  1. Balloguing, Orlando (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Martin, Priscilla (Liberal Party)


  1. Basallo, Jose (Liberal Party)
  2. Tagabeng, Marino (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Balloguing, Noemi (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Boadilla, Ising (Liberal Party)
  3. Boado, Antonio (Liberal Party)
  4. Cawang, Julian (Liberal Party)
  5. Dacpano, Sid (Liberal Party)
  6. Domede, Ramon (Liberal Party)
  7. Dulay, Mixico (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  8. Fernandez, Rex (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  9. Lales, Jerry Jason (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  10. Lales, Victor Sr. (Liberal Party)
  11. Leprozo, Maria Corazon (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  12. Morales, Emerencia (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  13. Paneda, Felisa (Liberal Party)
  14. Saberola, Bernabe (Liberal Party)
  15. Tavares, Romulo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  16. Til-Adan, Lydia (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – ROSARIO


  1. Flores, Bellarmin Iii (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Madriaga, Jose Napoleon (Independent)
  3. Padilla, Spencer (Independent)
  4. Sanchez, Enzo (Independent)
  5. Vicente, Conrado (National Unity Party)


  1. Go, Lolita (Laban Ng Demokratikong Pilipino)
  2. Guiang, Sonny (National Unity Party)
  3. Sabangan, Allan (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  4. Vibar, Agnes (Independent)


  1. Acosta, Basilisa (National Unity Party)
  2. Agbisit, Raymond (Independent)
  3. Albay, Milagros (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  4. Almoite, Pastor (Independent)
  5. Alvarado, Joseph (Independent)
  6. Aquitania, Hermy (Independent)
  7. Dacoco, Conrado (National Unity Party)
  8. Dulatre, Apolinario (Independent)
  9. Estacio, Rodo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  10. Flores, Raul (Independent)
  11. Fuentes, Nathaniel (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  12. Garcia, Anastacio (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  13. Heruela, David (Independent)
  14. Imana, Virgilio (Independent)
  15. Laroco, Elpidio (Independent)
  16. Laygo, Jun (Independent)
  17. Leaño, Conrado (Independent)
  18. Luzadas, Jean Tiu (Independent)
  19. Madriaga, Richard (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  20. Ogoy, Johnny (Independent)
  21. Packing, Perfecto Sr. (Independent)
  22. Saludo, Cita (Independent)
  23. Selga, Ronald (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  24. Soriano, Violy (Independent)
  25. Viray, Leoncio (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  26. Zarate, Florante (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – SAN GABRIEL


  1. Velasco, Divina (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Canutab, Moore (Liberal Party)
  2. Melo, Renato (National Unity Party)


  1. Alew, Alfredo Sr. (Independent)
  2. Awingan, Joe (Independent)
  3. Balanon, Eddie (National Unity Party)
  4. Bang-Oa, Brendo Sr. (Independent)
  5. Buyao, Rudy (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  6. Dawara, Helson (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  7. Dumaoang, Isagani (Independent)
  8. Galvey, Reny (Independent)
  9. Guinomma, Eliseo Jr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  10. Joaquin, Ben (National Unity Party)
  11. Laquidan, Renato (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  12. Licos, Conrado (Liberal Party)
  13. Sito, Basilio (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  14. Tagatag, Mario (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  15. Tarnate, Moises (Independent)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – SAN JUAN


  1. Valero, Ruben Jr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Lim, Ceferino (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Aquino, Alfonso Roberto (Liberal Party)
  2. Bolong, Manuel Nicolas (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Carillo, Aldreick (Independent)
  4. Fontanilla, Louie (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  5. Fontanilla, Ricarte (Independent)
  6. Gaerlan, Bienvenido Jr. (Independent)
  7. Galvan, Ernesto (Independent)
  8. Garcia, Earl Angel (Independent)
  9. Gavina, Apolinario (Independent)
  10. Lim, Norma (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  11. Lim, Romero (Independent)
  12. Luna, Genevieve (Independent)
  13. Macato, Eduardo Sr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  14. Magsaysay, Migz (Liberal Party)
  15. Nang, Reginald (Independent)
  16. Peralta, Arnel (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  17. Raymundo, Rudy (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – SANTO TOMAS


  1. Carbonell, Marietta (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Raguindin, Federico (National Unity Party)


  1. Concepcion, Gil (National Unity Party)
  2. Posadas, Sixto Jr. (Independent)
  3. Rafanan, Vincent (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Adona, Francisco Jr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Alambra, Marcelo (National Unity Party)
  3. Arafiles, Isagani (Independent)
  4. Barba, Victor (National Unity Party)
  5. Barroga, Cesar (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  6. Bejar, Celiaflor (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  7. Boado, Gualberto (Independent)
  8. Borja, Conrado Jr. (Independent)
  9. Cabico, Reynaldo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  10. Cabutotan, Charito (Independent)
  11. De Guzman, Pedro (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  12. Dela Cruz, Carlito Jr. (Independent)
  13. Devadeb, Julie Ann (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  14. Domondon, Vic (Independent)
  15. Estacio, Mario (National Unity Party)
  16. Fernandez, Eusebio (National Unity Party)
  17. Geneta, Renato (Independent)
  18. Imatong, Lorenzo Sr. (National Unity Party)
  19. Padilla, Ofelia (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  20. Rafanan, Jose Jr. (National Unity Party)
  21. Ramos, Jolarde (Independent)
  22. Valdez, Lestor (National Unity Party)
  23. Vergara, Federico (Independent)
  24. Villanueva, John Rocky (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – SANTOL


  1. Sayangda, Daisy (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Wailan, Magno (Independent)


  1. Bual, Henry (Independent)
  2. Oriente, Roy(Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)


  1. Agtarap, Milet (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Bacagan, James (Independent)
  3. Cadaeg, Joel (Liberal Party)
  4. Directo, Mario (Independent)
  5. Esteban, Aniceto (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  6. Laigo, Nolie (Independent)
  7. Ledda, Tirso (Independent)
  8. Millares, Boy Ulo (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  9. Millares, Olympio (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  10. Ominga, Nena (Liberal Party)
  11. Orodio, Nelson (Independent)
  12. Pecua, Jerry (Independent)
  13. Sansano, Arturo (Independent)
  14. Sansano, Ramil (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  15. Sumbagan, William (Independent)
  16. Valdez, Ed (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – SUDIPEN


  1. Buquing, Wendy (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Cabaccang, Tessie (National Unity Party)
  3. Navalta, Dalmacio Jr. (Independent)


  1. Buquing, Alan (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Mostoles, Tita (Independent)
  3. Partible, Rey (National Unity Party)


  1. Adviento, Ariel (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats)
  2. Agahan, Manuel (Independent)
  3. Amboni, Canor (National Unity Party)
  4. Banida, Gorio (National Unity Party)
  5. Bayeng, Freddie Jr. (Independent)
  6. Belisoa, Edwin (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  7. Catcatan, Feliza (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  8. Cupatan, Joy (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  9. Danguecan, Demie (Lakas Christian Muslim Democrats)
  10. Degamo, Alma (Independent)
  11. Dungan, Antonio (Independent)
  12. Dysoyco, Butchong (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  13. Facun, Nonong (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  14. Leonen, Lina (National Unity Party)
  15. Macusi, Melvin (Liberal Party)
  16. Monis, Rey (National Unity Party)
  17. Narcise, Moreno (National Unity Party)
  18. Nisperos, Boying (National Unity Party)
  19. Padios, Helen (National Unity Party)
  20. Peña, Thelma (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  21. Piaoan, Donnie Rey (Independent)
  22. Rodriguez, Garding (National Unity Party)

La Union Official Candidates 2013 – TUBAO


  1. Fontanilla, Jonalyn (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Garcia, Wilfredo Gamboa (Independent)
  3. Garcia, Wilfredo Sotelo (Liberal Party)
  4. Obillo, Alfredo (National Unity Party)


  1. Garcia, Dante (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Garcia, Peter (Liberal Party)


  1. Baltazar, Niño (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  2. Caburian, Dominga (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  3. Calera, George (Independent)
  4. Doctolero, Artemio (Independent)
  5. Dulay, Arneil Sr. (National Unity Party)
  6. Fang, Adonis (Independent)
  7. Fang, Elma (Liberal Party)
  8. Fang, Samuel (Liberal Party)
  9. Gayo, Alberto (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  10. Mabalot, Grace (Independent)
  11. Malaay, Cipriano (Independent)
  12. Mangaoang, Aurelio (Liberal Party)
  13. Mangaoang, Jayson (Liberal Party)
  14. Mapalo, Michael (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  15. Mariñas, William (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  16. Nieva, Carmen (National Unity Party)
  17. Oller, Nicky (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  18. Paras, Mavic (Liberal Party)
  19. Rano, Doming (National Unity Party)
  20. Sales, Anacleto Jr. (National Unity Party)
  21. Saoyao, Hipolito Jr. (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)
  22. Tubera, Franco (Independent)
  23. Verceles, Jeffrey (Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition)




  1. we would appreciate if you can correct your entry for candidate for governor. it is TOMAS M DUMPIT and not THOMAS Dumpit Jr. who is candidate for Congressman, 2nd district ,La Union so as not to confuse your readers and to make it consistent with the name in your mock polls. may we even suggest that you expand the conduct of the mock poll to include the congressmen and sangguniang panlalawigan. thanks for doing a great job of keeping the people informed.

    thelma murillo

      • i’m sorry but what i meant was the candidate for governor is TOMAS M Dumpit and not THOMAS L Dumpit. what we want changed is the name in your mock polls which reflects THOMAS L DUMPIT instead of TOMAS M DUMPIT for governor. Those are both COMELEC registered. THOMAS L DUMPIT is for CONGRESSMAN,2nd district of LA UNION.

        Thanks again.

  2. Just checked the Comelec official list of candidates for Governor in La Union and the registered name is TOMAS M. DUMPIT and not THOMAS as you insist. So please make the necessary corrections as Ms. Thelma has asked you to do.

  3. what happened to the mock elections? why was voting mechanism removed? if you leave it pegged at these numbers, you are in fact establishing a trend too early in the game and deceptive to the people. i believe this violates comelec rules


  4. The mock poll result is not believable/reliable! Impossible indeed! Based on one of the result, there were already a total of 21,000+ votes casted between the 2 opposing candidates which means there were also 21,000+ hits in this not-so-popular website. That’s not probable for a newly-established and a not-renowned website. Is the result doctored? Is this website favoring a specific candidate? Who’s behind this nonsense propaganda?

    • For goodness sake @Daniel, I don’t even know these candidates. Then you are accusing me of something you do not know. You study IT first especially WordPress plugin and particularly WordPress Poll. The official plugin site of WordPress Poll is Then analyze if there is any way I can manipulate Poll Statistics from the said plugin Dashboard.

      What do I get from editing those statistics. I am residing in Taguig City and a teacher by profession. I have no interest in those scams out there.

      • mr.daniel is probably one of those blinded by the benefits he is receiving from the present leaders in la union that is why it is a shock for him to see reality. open your eyes, daniel. take a look at this nscb statistics and tell us: do these people have the right to lead the province?

        after 100 years, so they say, why is la union THE poorest among the provinces in region 1? why is hunger incidence high, healthcare very bad and gap between rich and poor even wider today than 10 years ago? WHY? WHY? WHY?

  5. @admin, that’s impressive – 130,000 pageviews. At present there are 26,000+ pageviews in La Union alone (based on one of the result as of this hour). Statistically, La Union has one-fifth (1/5)of the 130,000 pageviews – which is way very high. Well, there are 81 provinces in the Philippines. Let’s say that there are minimum of 15,000 pageviewers per province. If this is the case, then your total pageviews should have reached 1,215,000. These figures made me conclude that the mock poll results were just came from figment of one’s imagination. It’s just a PROPAGANDA of a DESPERATE CANDIDATE. It’s as clear as the overcast sky that the mock poll result is just FABRICATED.

    @THELMA, I believe that La Union today is on its right track. I believe in the capacity and capability of our present leaders. Do you have a proof or evidence of your allegation that La Union is the poorest province in region 1? Problems on food sufficiency, health & nutrition and other social issues were properly addressed and were given immediate attention. Or is it also just a mere figment of your imagination? May I return your question. In the second district of La Union, the people didn’t feel any changes/development during the term of the former FATHER AND SON tandem who ruled the district for almost twelve years (4 terms). If you compare their accomplishments against this NEW/FRESH COMER in his bare first term, it summarizes and even goes beyond the total accomplishments during the term of this FATHER AND SON. Do you agree?

    • Daniel,

      you are entitled to your own belief just as we are and the other four hundred thousand plus population of La Union so don’t force your belief on others. its a free country not unless you live in a different world.

      you obviously are one of those paid hacks if not a relative of newcomer cong.Eriguel so its understandable that you defend him. Yes there is solid evidence and it is staring you at your face. they are official statistics from the national statistics coordination board so if you have any complaints then bring it up with them. maybe you can bribe them the way you bribe officials and terrorize the people of la can try.

      but more than just statistics, can’t you see the poverty all around you? obviously, you don’t because you probably are confined to an air-conditioned room oblivious of other people’s plight.

      by the way, is cong.eriguel a Filipino citizen? i was informed he is an american citizen with an insurance fraud case against him that is why he left america to get away from it? is this true?

      bato-bato sa langit,ang tamaan, wag magagalit.

    • Manong Daniel,
      Napakadali ninyong magsabi ng salitang FABRICATED. You just want to believe in your figures – the figures that favor you. You blatanly disregard any figures laid out by what you call ‘others’. Kung ganyang po ang inyong paniniwala ay wala na kaming magagawa. Wala naman pong makapagdidikta kung ano man ang gusto nating paniwalaan, di po ba? Food sufficiency – sapat ba ang mga pagkain at abot-kaya ba ng ordinaryong mamamayan? Dahil sa taas ng bayad sa lisensya ng pagtitinda at taas ng bayad sa pwesto, kailangang ipasa ng mga tindero’t tindera ang pasaning ito sa mga mamimili. Health and nutrition – may programa po bang pangkalusugan maliban sa libreng(???) bakuna at libreng(???) gamot? dito na lamang sa agoo, kapag magpapakonsulta ka sa RHU, sasabihin nila kung saang botika ka dapat bumili ng gamot. wala man lamang maibigay na gamot sa pobreng mamamayan dahil pinaghahati-hatian na ng mga empleyado. imbes na libre ang bakuna, nanghihingi pa ang midwife ng ‘donation’ kuno. yung anti-flu vaccine noon na dapat ibigay sa mga bata eh pinag-agawan na ng mga empleyado at BHWs. tino-tolerate ng mga pinuno ang ganitong gawain ng mga empleyado nila. other social issues – baha. imbes na unahin ang pagkumpuni ng mga mumunting ilog na daanan ng tubig eh pagpapatayo ng multi-purpose centers ang inuuna, ‘pagpapaganda’ ng mga kalsada. ilang taon na pong nababaha ang agoo? yung tabi ng tulay prinsipe kung saan umaapaw ang tubig kapag malakas ang ulan eh ayaw kumpunihin ng lokal na pamahalaan. dahil po ba hindi ibinenta kay congressman eriguel ang lupang yon? ano pong silbi ang kagandahan kung marami namang mga mas mahalagang isyu ang dapat pagtuunan ng atensyon at aksyon?

  6. @Daniel You must be blind to say that the 2nd district is progressing The farmers are up in arms because the funds for irrigation has not been properly utilized and instead all the farmers were called by your corrupt congressman and were given 2,000 pesos each. Instead of realizing the projects your drug crazed congressman decided to buy the votes of the farmers by giving them the 2,000 pesos to make them shut up. Sorry it will not work. Not all farmers are stupid and as greedy as your idol corrupt congressman. We will never vote for your corrupt master who merely won by cheating. Mamati kayo ta sigurado maabak kayo ton mayo 14.

  7. @THELMA, I’m just an ordinary citizen of La Union but responsible ones. I’m not connected with any politician nor a relative of such. I’m just relating my observation of our progressive district which was once plagued with violence, killings, bombs and disorder. It’s hard to face the truth isn’t it?

    Anyway, how come that this neophyte/newcomer qualified again to run if he is not a Filipino citizen? Calling COMELEC!

    @TIMMY, take note, it’s just only the bare first term of this neophyte. Let him continue what he started. To bring DYNAMIC CHANGE in the second district. Change which is elusive in the past decade which was ruined by past leadership. Don’t lose our momentum towards progress. GAPUANAN TI PAKAKITAAN!

    • daniel,
      it is still plagued with violence and killings and don’t forget drugs. per pnp reports, despite comelec gunban, 28 people have been murdered in a span of 6 weeks and all identified with the opposition. how will you dispute that?

      ruby ann,
      please state facts not generalized statements. eriguel may be your SAVIOUR but not the people’s . go ask around. again, we all are entitled to our opinion and on election day, entitled to ONE VOTE each. only one. please allow it to be heard.

    • Manong Daniel,
      yang mga sinasabi mong violence, killings, bombs and disorder. kilala mo kung sino ang may pakana ng mga iyan. yung huling pinatay sa bayan ng agoo, napakalapit pa mismo sa istasyon ng pulis, sino ang may pakana? may ‘blessing’ yan ni congressman eriguel. yung tauhan ng mga dumpit na si pio milanes? sino ang nagpatira? siyempre si cong na naman. si rogelio ‘koliong’ de vera? sino ang nagpapatay? ipinapasa lamang sa mga dumpit ang kaguluhang iyan dahil military people sila at may ‘kakayahang’ magsagawa ng ganun. bakit ayaw ninyong aminin na si cong ay may ‘kakayahan’ ding gumawa ng ganun? porke ba DOKTOR lang siya? yang drug dens sa barangay nyo, kanya-kanyang kaway ang mga tindero’t tindera ng shabu sa mga carinderia. kung gugustuhin nyo lamang na matigil ang isyu tungkol sa droga na yan eh kayang-kaya namang ipahuli nina cong at mayora ang mga yan eh…. kahirapan, panggigipit, pananakot, pagmumura… yan ang naranasan ng mga mamamayan sa ilalim ng pamumuno ng mag-asawang eriguel… walang makapasok na tulong mula sa mga dumpit noong nakaupo pa sila dahil ayaw tanggapin nina eriguel. mantakin mo ba namang sabihin nya na, “hwag nyong tatanggapin ang anumang tulong mula sa mga dumpit na yan!”… gusto ni cong siya ang manguna sa pagbibigay ng tulong para siya ang bida, ayaw nyang masapawan at maunahan ng iba lalo pa ng kalaban nyang si TOMAS. di ba, DANIEL?

  8. Guys, Daniel is absolutely right! The people did not feel any sign of change/development during the 4 term of this father and son. Good thing, this neophyte came to the rescue, our SAVIOR in the second district.

    • Ruby Ann,
      ‘the people didn’t feel any sign of change/development during the 4 term of this father and son’ – papaano namang mangyayari yan, ading eh ang lokal na pamahalaan ay ayaw tumanggap ng anumang tulong mula sa mga dumpit. gusto nila sila ang pasimuno sa anumang proyekto para sila ang bida. bakit sa ibang munisipalidad eh may makikita kang ‘tangible’ accomplishments ng mga dumpit? kasi hindi sakim ang mga namumuno. hindi si gahaman.
      ‘GAPPUANAN TI PAKAKITAAN!’ – adu nga agpayso ni nagapuanan nan ni congressman eriguel. adun ti naipapatay nan. with his blessings isu nga saan nga makakuti ti pulisya ta isu ti mangmanmandar.

  9. @thelma, I’m just an ordinary citizen of La Union but responsible one. I’m not connected with any politician nor kin of such. I’m just relating my observation of our progressive district which was once plagued with violence, killings, bombings and disorder. It’s hard to face the truth isn’t it?

    Anyway, how come that this newcomer/neophyte qualified to seek for reelection if he is not a Filipino citizen? Calling COMELEC!

    @TIMMY, take note that it’s just the bare first term of this neophyte. Let him continue what he started. To bring DYNAMIC CHANGE in the second district that is elusive in the past decade. GAPPUANAN TI PAKAKITAAN!

  10. @THELMA,

    I have just checked your link. Nice column! So, you’re a daughter of former three-term Congressman Gen. TOMAS MEANA DUMPIT and brother of BUTCH DUMPIT.

    Naturally, as a good and obedient daughter, you will defend your kin’s wrongdoings. And that’s also the reason why you are very bias on your comments. Just accept that your kin’s regime is over, yielding place to a new upright leadership.


    Election is not yet over. Early judgement is uncertain. Let the voice of people speak. I am confident that the truth will surface and prevail!

  11. thelma,

    Yes, our neophyte is a savior. This can be gleaned on his socio-economic and developmental programs that has been implemented in his short stint in the Congress seat. Universal Philhealth coverage, hospital discounts, agri-infrastructure, scholarship, medical missions massive infrastructure projects, IT development and among others.

    These projects were not felt during the term of your “Papang” and “Ading” in their 12 years.

    You should be the one to look around and observe the dynamic change instituted by our savior.

    • Ruby Ann,
      ‘Universal’ Philhealth coverage – ito yung programa ng dating pangulong Arroyo na libreng philhealth insurance para sa masa. libre ito noong una pero kalaunan ay may bayad na. kapag available na ang PHIC card ng mamamayan ay kailangan pa nilang kunin ‘in person’ ang card mula sa opisina ni mayor/mayora. kapag nalaman nya sa kanyang mga alagad na hindi mo sya ibinoto eh mumurahin ka… at ang resulta? luluhod ang pobre mamamayan at magso-sorry, magmamakaawa… ganun? ang PHIC coverage na iyan ay mula sa pamahalaan at hindi ang mga eriguel ang pinanggagalingan nyan. feeling naman kasi nila eh porke sila na ang nakaupo eh sila na ang gumagastos para sa coverage na yan.
      hospital discounts – sabihin mo nang pinabibigyan nya ng discount ang mga mamamayang lumalapit sa kanya kapag ang mga ito’y naoospital sa la union medical center. mabuti naman sana kung yung na-discount nila eh pinopondohan nya. hindi eh. kaya nawawalan na ng income ang lumc dahil sa mga discount na yan. wala namang masama kung magpabigay sya ng discount basta lamang sya na ang magbayad.
      agri-infrastructure – yung mga farmers multipurpose centers? na mas inuuna pa kaysa sa pagkumpuni ng mga daanan ng tubig tuwing tag-ulan. hindi ba makapagsisilbi ang mga barangay officials/employees ng agoo kung hindi mapaganda ang kanilang mga opisina?
      medical missions & scholarships – ginagawa na rin yan ng mga ibang organisasyon at personalidad. wala nang kakaiba riyan.
      massive infrastructue projects – yung civic center na itinayo sa lote ni cong at ang pondo ay galing sa kaban ng bayan? massive talaga!
      IT development – yung sa UMID? courtesy of DMMMSU kaya ang system na ginamit dyan.

  12. Im so sorry to tell this but the poll is so biased. Oo nga sawa na tayo sa ortega kasi panay ortega na lang ang la union. Anu gusto nyo na papalit sa kanila?Political dynasty ulit ng mga dumpit. Wala naman silang pinagkaiba. Ortega-Jueteng Lord Dumpit-Drug Lord…

  13. Diyos ko po, ang Naguilian ba ngayon nasan na? Ang Agoo tignan mo?1st class municipality. Chew on that. Asan ang progreso?sa mga eriguel at ortega wala sa mga dumpit:) I will never ever vote for the Dumpits:)

    • anonymous,

      to each his own. there are those too who will never ever vote for eriguel and ortega.

      ruby ann,

      you are fortunate to have all those benefits. maybe because you are a supporter. there are only a few like you. let’s look at the general population. alam naman natin na kung di ka maka eriguel, di ka gagamutin sa ospital at pababayaan ka na lang mamatay. alam mo ba yun?


      instead of checking my column, check on the national statistical coordination board reports. that way you will be enlightened and you cannot say i am biased because those are official findings,not mine, not hearsay. nevertheless, thanks for the compliment.

  14. To Anonymous
    You call Eriguel your saviour? An insurance fraud scammer ? A Drug pusher? His sister is the the number one drug user in his town and he does nothing about it . He is also a Vote buying operator herding all the people in his towns civic center and giving the hakot people 300 pesos each? Your saviour is also an adulterer? No wonder La Union is going nowhere because of people like you You do not even have the balls to show your name Mahiya ka naman

    To Daniel
    My father is a farmer in the 2nd district I am lucky enough to be a scholar and finished my studies We know what Eriguel did with his pork barrel Pinatawag lahat ng magsasaka sa distrito nya at binigyan pati tatay ko ng 2k pesos each Sabi ng tatay ko eh bulok ang moralidad ng taong ito na tinatawag nyong saviour ninyo To eriguel di mo kayang bilhin lahat ng boto ng tao Even if we are poor, you cannot buy our beliefs Daniel if you say your master has done a lot of things in his district why is he now frantically vote buying to get votes? The truth of the matter is, your masters chance of winning is thru cheating only

  15. To Ruby ann,
    Saviour si Eriguel for you? You must be under drugs to say that. Tell me who your friends are and i’ll tell you who you are So supporter ass licker ka pala ni Eriguel. So mahilig ka rin pala sa insurance fraud, vote buying at drug pushing ! And murderer pa ! How can you sleep soundly at night supporting this criminal. Im sure you are also a supporter of the Ortegas- the equivalent of the AMPATUANS in La union ! Pambihira bakit hanggang ngayon kastila pa rin binuboto nyo ? Mga makapili ba kayo? Down with the Ortegas – rapist ni Myrna Diones ! mga Animals that belong to the zoo !


    I don’t care about the NSCB reports. I’m not that gaga minding these nonsense and misleading survey results. I still rely on the voice of people on May 13. That is the most AUTHENTIC and ACCURATE referendum.

  17. Madam Thelma,

    Just like Daniel, I’m also an ordinary yet sensible and responsible citizen of La Union. I’m not affiliated with any politician. Lahat ng sinabi ko ay mga obserbasyon ng kagaya kong mababang tao.

    Marahil, inggit ka lang dahil walang ganyang mga proyekto ang tatay at kapatid mo noong sila ang nanungkulan. Agree?

  18. ruby ann,
    disgree! taga saang bayan ka ba nang masamahan kita para makita mo ang mga proyekto di mo makita kita. o baka nagbubulagbulagan ka kaya di mo makita. me problema ka kung ganun.

    and don’t call yourself ordinary like daniel.

    we are all special because we are all creations of God. He is my Saviour. now you if you think eriguel is your saviour, then i will agree with you – you are ordinary. he must be your God.


    if you don’t care about the NSCB reports then you are truly gaga. what you say is biased. what the nscb says is not. they are official figures. sorry, reality bites.

    i will agree that the voice of the people is the true measure and that is exactly what we are fighting for here. let the voice of the people be heard, not smothered even using teachers to cheat just to win. now that is real greedy!


    Accusations without concrete proof/evidence are just mere presumptions.

    Anyway, who started vote-buying? Agipulpulagid kayo ti aramid yo!

    Fifteen years ago, La Union was very orderly, calm and peaceful. How I relish and cherish those years. Suddenly, these visitors came in the picture bringing with them elements of destruction. Drugs, bombs and various weapons. The tranquility of La Union was molested by these DUMP visitors.

    People in Southern La Union then experienced 12 years of agony. However, God is still good for he sent a LIBERATOR.

    I repeat, I’m not a supporter of this Liberator. I’m just an ordinary citizen yet socially aware.

    Let’s wait May 13! Do be good and have a nice day!

    • ‘wag pikon. ikaw ang nagbanggit ng newcomer. e sino pa ba ang newcomer?

      unprofessional? i think i can sue you for libel with your accusations.kung matapang ka talaga at buo sa iyong paniniwala sa saviour mo, magpakilala ka. are you willing to die for your beliefs?

      at utang na loob. mas maigi yata mag ilocano ka na lang o magtagalog. hirap intindihin ng ingles mo.

      batu-bato sa langit ang tamaan, ‘wag magagalit. yes let’s wait for may 13. the verdict is out on the incumbents not on the challengers.

      you have a nice day too!

      • Manang Thelma De Lara Dumpit,

        No Ilokano wenno Filipino ti kayat mo, ay ket sige. Sidadaan ‘toy numo a mangiyebkas kenka ti ibagak iti bukod tayo a pagsasao.

        Apay a mapikunak koma? Baka sika ti pikon ta no agcomment ka ket sobra a pammabasol nga awan pulos kaipapanan na. Mangidatag ka ah ti ebidensya tapno patiendaka dagiti makabasbasa ditoy website.

        Kusto ti kuna ni Ruby Ann. Maiyannatup laeng nga ibaga na nga unprofessional ka. Agpada kayo ken ni Timmy. Ta apay?

        Umuna la unay, ikumparam man ta bagim kaniami. Nangato ti nagadalam. Sika ket napekpeklan a kolumnista ti maysa a pagiwarnak ti pagiliantayo ken anchor ti telebisyon. Tapos, ibagam ketdin nga madim maawatan ti Ingles ko. Ta siak, kattibnolak laeng a mannurat.

        Apay koma nga ibagak ti kinaasinok? No sika ti interesado ah ket sika ah ti mangtakuat no sinoak. Saanak interesado nga mangibaga kenka ti kanaasinok?

        Naimbag nga aldaw mo, Kabsat!

      • At isa pa, talaga namang kina-career mo na ang pagtakip sa kabulokan ng angkan ninyo. Ti madi pay ket agipulagid kayo ti madi nga aramid yo.

        Siya nga pala, ba’t di ka ulit tumakbo ng pagka-meyor sa Rosario kung kampante kang llamado na kayo ngayon pa lang. Natuto ka na ba?

        Mantakin mo, milya-milya yung agwat ninyo dun sa nakalaban mo noong 2010. Huwag mong sabihing dinaya ka dahil automated election na yun.

    • p.s.s.

      we were just informed about your saviour’s accomplishments in the last 3 years:

      1.his P100M peso mansion in La vista quezon city
      2.his gas station at the boundary of sto.tomas and agoo
      3.chowking na linagay nya sa museo pagkatapos magback-out ang Mcdo with utter diregard for iloko cultural heritage
      4. P40M civic center sa bahay nya sa sta.barbara

      diyan po napunta ang lahat ng pondo na dapat laan para sa mga tao ng segundo distrito

    • manong daniel,
      who started vote buying? dumpit or eriguel? the answer is ERIGUEL! noong first time nyang kumandidato bilang mayor ng agoo, namigay sya ng pera. alam ko ito dahil nakita ko ang bag na kinalagyan ng peso bills na ipinamigay nila. sabi pa nga ng kapitan namin eh, “kayat mo? saan nga mabalin ta para dagijay agbotos laeng datoy.” i-verify mo kay congressman mo. agipulagid kayo to aramid yo!
      yes, 15 years ago, La Union was very orderly, calm and peaceful. yan ay noong hindi pa nakaupo si eriguel. subalit noong nakapwesto na siya, kaliwa’t kanan na ang patayan. kung sino man ang lumalaban sa kanya ay kanya nang ipinatitira. with his blessings.

      ruby ann,
      nanghihingi kayo ng ebidensya samantalang lantaran naman ang ginagawa ng mga eriguel na yan. aminin nyo na kasi. mahirap ba?

  20. @thelma,

    Bakit ako sasama sa’yo? Para i-murder niyo rin ako gaya ng ginawa niyo sa iba? Ikaw yata ang may problema. The way you post your comment is unprofessional. Nagme-mention ka ng pangalan samantalang di naman nagme-mention ng pangalan yung iba dito.Kaya hayan tuloy, gumanti kami.

    Ordinary ako when it comes to social strata. Namumuhay ng simple at malinis ang kaluluwa.


    Napakadaling magbintang pero mahirap maglatag ng ebidensiya. Baka ikaw yung naka-drugs? Marami niyan sa amo mo! You’re passing the bucks to others, man!

  21. p.s.

    tama napakadaling magbintang tulad ng ginagawa mo ngayun, ruby ann.

    its not passing the bucks. the correct idiom is passing the buck. for your future use.

  22. Teacher Thelma,

    Typographical error lang po, tao lang. I-proof read mo rin kaya mga comments mo. Mga writer nga may sablay din. Nobody’s perfect!

    Akala ko ba batikan kang mamamahayag, di mo pala ma-take mga banat ni Daniel. Ano ba yan? Idol pa naman kita. Pero ngayon binabawi ko na dahil dun.

  23. Ruby ann,
    I pity you. Have your eyes checked. Hindi ka pa ba pumipila sa civic center ng Agoo para mabili ang boto mo? Taga La union ka ba? Alam na nga ng buong probinsya na namimili ng boto ang saviour mo at ikaw di mo pa alam? Either bobo ka or you refused to see and open your eyes. Nakakaawa ka. Everybody knows what your drug pusher saviour is doing. Everybody knows that even your saviors sister is the number one user/pusher in Agoo. Taga saan ka ba? Sa Buwan? And everyone knows na drug pusher ang saviour mo. Wag ka ng magmalinis or you must be a drug user too ! Ang tatay ko magsasaka at binigyan ng saviour mo ng 2k para iboto ang saviour mo at manahimik at di na hanapin ang pondo na nakalaan sa irrigation projects. Ano nangyari sa pondo? Binulsa ng amo mo at dinala sa negosyong pansarili. Drug pusher na, magnanakaw pa ! Dami palang nagawa ng amo mo eh bakit pa namimili ng boto ang insurance fraud scammer na idol mo? Ang Madaming nagawa ng amo mo eh puro illegal at pag nanakaw! Walang magsasakang boboto sa saviour mong babaero, scammer at vote buyer!

    • Timmy,

      Napaka-unethical mo namang mag-comment. Meron ka bang matibay na pruweba o ebidensiya sa iyong sinasabing paulit-ulit? Talak ka nang talak. Sino kayang maniniwala sa mga sinasabi mo? Di ako bobo at lalong di ako adik. I vehemently deny for my brain is functioning well and I’m not involved in drugs.

      I also pity on you. Ganyan ba ang role mo sa amo mo, taga-takip ng bulok nila at naninira sa kalaban nila?

      Everyone is entitled to its opinion. If that’s your belief, than so be it. Go on with your nonsense conviction and I remain to be upright, God-fearing and responsible citizen of our beloved La Union.

      Magandang araw sa ‘yo!

  24. Daniel/Ruby anne,
    Nasaan napunta yung 210M na pork barrel ni Cong Corrupt Eriguel na saviour nyo? Ano ang maipapakita ni corrupt Eriguel na nagawa nya sa 2nd district? Buti pa yung mag-amang conressman dati ay madaming nagawa na aming pinapakinababngan hanggang ngayon tulad ng farm to market roads sa lahat ng bayan sa segundo distrito, water drinking system, electrifiication, mga irrigasyon para sa aming pananim, mga tulay at bleachers, civic centers sa Caba, Sto Tomas, Naguilian, Aringay at auditoriums at mga tulay pangtao, animal dispersal, distribution of water pumps etc. Masyadong madami para banggitin lahat dito !Eh ngayon ano maipapakita nyong dalawa na obvious na mga ass lickers na nagawa ng idol nyong scammer at corrupt? WALANG NAGAWA ang idol nyong corrupt kungdi magpagawa ng bahay nya sa Manila gamit ang pork barrel nya! Hoy Eriguel nasaan ang tubig namin para sa bukid namin !

    • Timmy,

      Maybe, you are not aware of the Journalism Ethics in Social Media. I suggest you should have a backgrounder on it.

      I repeat, accusations without concrete proof/evidence are just mere presumptions.

      Kasla ka la napirdi a plaka, Padre.

      Ta pusom… alwadam baka ma-high blood ka.

      • Manong Daniel,
        ta pusom… alwadam ta baka ma-high blood ka. ni kitaem ta bagbagiyo kenni cong. baka matumba kayo laengen dita nga saan yo nga mapakpakadaan.

  25. ako po ay tago agoo. mas alam namin ang tunay na ugali at character ng incumbent na congressman. ang masasabi ko lang , tignan nyo nalang kung cno ang tatakbong mayor, pinsang buo nung congressman ang lalaban sa asawa mismo nung congressman. ang katem up nitong candidato para sa mayor na pinsang buo ny ay yung incumbent na vice mayor. umalis sya sa administration para labanan sila na dati nyang kaalyado. BAKIT KAYA???? at ang balita, mayron ding pamangkin itong kongresistang ito na tatakbo bilang bokal ng second distrito, same distrito ng congresista. subalit hindi cla magkaalyado kahit magkadugo cla. sa halip , ang kalaban ng congresista ang ineendorso ng pamangkin na tumatakbo para bokal. ang tanong ulet ay baket????? ang sabi papala ng mga matatanda, ang tatay ng tumatakbong mayor na pinsang buo nitong congresista ay pinatay, binaril, ng tatay ng congresista. omg!!! sana alamin ng mga taga ibang bayan tungkol sa taong ito. na magaling manggantyo ng tao. akala mo mabait, pero alam namin sa agoo lahat ng baho nya. MALAKAS AT SOBRANG BAHO ANG ALINGASNGAS!!!!!

  26. To Daniel/Ruby anne
    A.K.A. ass lickers

    I may have come from a poor family with farmers as parents but i know when and where i ought to give respect to. Unfortunately, you two people dont deserve any as you two are just ass lickers. You talked about journalism manners yet you practice the opposite. MGA HYPOCRITES. I Have enumerated what has been done by the previous congressman and yet you do not answer my questions on what your corrupt congressman has done. Kasi alam nyo walang nagawa ! And your job of defending that corrupt botirog congressman is so stressing on your part kasi mabigat dalhin ! You want proof of vote buying? PUMILA KAYO SA AGOO CIVIC CENTER ng makuha nyo ang 300 pesos para sa cheap ninyong mga sarili. Kung talagang maraming nagawa ang corrupt master nyo, bakit kailangan pa ni botirog mag vote buying? The truth of the matter is poor people like me ay hindi nyo mabibili ang boto namin kasi may prinsipyo kami at obviously WALA KAYO NUN ! And dont fool me that you are just an observant ordinary citizens which are apolitical. You defend a corrupt,immoral,drug pusher and vote buying congressman, what does that make of you two? MGA BULAG at nagmamalinis ! Mahirap man kami at least galing sa malinis ang pinanggagalingan ng pera namin d tulad ng corrupt master nyo. Ulitin ko kahit isa, ano ba ang nagawa ng amo mong corrupt bukod dun sa bahay nya sa maynila at civic center na pinagawa nya sa loob ng compound nya? ULITEK HOY ERIGUEL NASAAN NA ANG IRRIGASYON PARA SA MGA MAGSASAKA? Mahiya ka naman ! Kayong mga ass lickers ipaabot nyo sa amo nyo na walang magsasakang boboto sa kanya !

  27. Timmy,

    I don’t entertain TRASH-TALKS. “Bannog-sungo” laeng dayta.

    Alwadam… ta pusom… maatake ka, Kabsat. Relaks ka lang! Lamig-ulo.

    Well, it’s a nonsense exchanging ideas to a person with an unethical and barbaric manners.

    • manong daniel,
      by the way, alam mo bang yung nakaupong kapitan ngayon sa san joaquin sur ay hindi yung nanalo sa eleksyon? kasi naman po, noong bilangan na at nangunguna na ang kalaban ng ‘kasama’ ni cong eh tumawag si cong sa watcher nya at gustong kausapin ang teacher na namumuno sa bilangan. gustong ipatigil ang counting dahil talo na ang ‘kasama’ niya. sa kalaunan eh idineklara pa ang talunan na siya ang nanalo sa bilangan. ayun, siya na ang nakaupo ngayon. todo deny itong si cong at sinasabing hindi daw siya ang tumawag na nagpatigil sa bilangan. eh sino pa ba? si dumpit? isip-isip… at ang latest, nag-text itong si cong sa ‘totoong nanalong’ kapitan at ang sabi, “kung gusto mong humaba pa ang buhay mo ay kumalas ka na sa grupo ni chan.” ano ba naman ang ie-expect mo sa taong harap-harapan mong ginago? kakampi pa sa yo? oh, my! yan si congressman eriguel, bow!

  28. Timmy this is a free world, i have the right to hide my name. Sino ka ba? Palibhasa masyado mong sinasamba ang mga dumpit eh kabulukan naman alam nyong mga dumpit:) diyos ko ilang taon na naging congressman sa district 2 ang mga dumpit?May nangyari bang pagbabago?WALA… mas gugustuhin pa namin makakita o makaramdam ng pakonti konting pagbabago at asenso sa bagong congressman ngayon kesa umasa sa inyong mga dumpit sa pagbabagong WALA naman tlga.. umasa pa kayong mananalo kayo 🙂

    Dumpit ka kaya wag kang ngawa ng ngawa malamang one sided ka, asa ka na lang na makaupo ulit kayo dito sa la union.

    • anonymous,

      oo dumpit ako hindi katulad mo nagtatago sa pangalang anonymous.that’s what cowards do. at yan din ang gawa ng mga traydor. traydor sa kaibigan, traydor sa bayan. takot magpakilala. ano kinatatakot mo?

      kahit di kami makaupo walang bale sa amin pero ang mga tao na walang nakukuhang tulong mula sa mga kampon ninyo ang kawawa.

      nagmamalasakit kami sa kapakanan nila at nagagamit ang kaban ng bayan hindi para sa kanila.

      di na sana ako papatol sa yo pero kailangan malinawan ang pag-iisip ng isang rabid na katulad mo.

      God bless na lang!

  29. Maliwanag na isip ko pero sana mas liwanagan mo isip mo na hindi na kayo makakaupo ng la union kasi walang asenso pag kayo ang namumuno:) coward? hindi ako takot sa inyo kahit alam kong pumapatay kayo ng tao lalo na tatay at kapatid mong lalake kaya kayo natalo wala na nga kayong kwenta sa gobyerno mamamatay tao pa kayo:)
    God Bless your souls also na diretso na sa impyerno

    • wag ka pikon. wala saysay ang pinagsasabi mo. kung di ka takot magpakilala ka. di rin kami kapit tuko sa kapangyarihan tulad ng mga amo mo na gagamitin pati teachers mangdaya para lang di mawala sa puwesto.

      porke nauna ka na dyan sa impierno, gusto mo pa mandamay at magsama ng iba? ikaw na lang magsolo diyan

      taga san ka ba talaga at takot na takot ka? isa ka ba sa taga daya? ilan na lang kayong natitirang followers. kawawa ka naman

      enjoy the weekend 🙂

    • that’s it – “hindi na kayo makakaupo ng la union”… di lumabas rin mula sa mga bibig nyo na kaya nyong manipulahin ang boto ng mga tao. kasi hawak nyo ang la union. for now, pero in the end sino ang kakampihan ng mga ortega? papaano na kaya si congressman eriguel kung sakaling manalo si michelle ortega as mayor ng caba at sya ang ‘piliin ulit’ ng mga tao sa 2nd district? sa 2016 ortega versus eriguel sa kongreso? hahaha!

    • itanong mo nga kay congressman eriguel kung sino ang tunay na mastermind sa mga patayan dito sa agoo… i-confirm mo kung si atty. lazaro gayo ang huling binigyan nya ng blessing para patayin.

  30. hahaha ako daw ang pikon?tinatawanan na nga lang kita dito eh. Impiyerno?sabihin mo sa tatay at kapatid mo hinihintay na kayo dun:) isama mo na din mga anak moL:) haan kayo nga mangabak tama na yang inaasam asam nyong yan(here’s my middle finger for you)
    Boba abogado ka di ba?Weekends?o sige ikaw na ang nauunang magweekends teh diyos ko kaya kayo natatalo i cant even imagine mga bobo rin pala kayong mga dumpit smh..

  31. hahahaha ramdam ko galit mo hanggang dito. mauna kayo ng tatay at kapatid mo dun nararapat kayo dun:) professional ka pala ha:) professional your pussy:p ndi ako duwag playing safe to anu ako gago gaya ng mga dumpit na gaya mo hahahaha.

    • ramdam mo galit ko? ramdam ko takot mo kasi kung di ka takot bakit playing safe ka pa e di ba kayo at amo mo ang nakaupo. you have all the powers so why be scared?

      di pa ako galit ng lagay na yan. sarap mo lang kalaro kasi pikon ka. ituloy mo pa hanggang magalit ako para maramdaman mo at malaman ano ibig sabihin ng galit.

      i know who you are already and i’m watching you!

    • anonymous,
      nahahalata ang pagkapikon mo sa mga comments mo. lumalabas nang bastos ang mga komentaryo mo. kung totoo naman kasi ang mga kahayupang ginagawa nina eriguel eh aminin nyo na at hwag nang pagtakpan pa. aminin nyo na rin kasing galit na kayo at napipikon na. pero alalahanin nyo ang sabi ng kasamang nyong si DANIEL, “Journalism Ethics in Social Media”.

  32. Journalism Ethics in Social Media may nalalaman ka pang ganyan isa ka rin namang puta na walang alam sa nangyayari:) wag ka na lang umepal at baka ikaw pagtripan ko:)

    kung pikon ako matagal na kitang pinagbabaril hahaha sa lapit ng bahay nyo samin kaso di ako gaya nyong mga dumpit eh:) DUMPIT as in DUMP ahahaha
    ayaw ko lang kasi na may sumasawsaw na dumpit dito ta siyempre one sided ka:)
    Ikaw na ata ang pinakabobo ata pinakaunfair na manunulat na kilala papano ba naman halos lahat ng articles mo sa diyaryo PRO sa mga kamag anak mo. hay naku kung bakit pa kasi hindi na kayo kunin ni lord eh. hahaha sarap kayo pagtripan kasi di nyo ako kilala:)

  33. salamat po sa mga comments, atleast medyo nagkaroon po ako ng idea sa mga nangyayari. pero sana naman huwag gawing paraan ito para magsiraan. Sa mga sumasang-ayon sa results ng Mock elections na ito, stay humble. Sa mga hindi naman sumasang-ayon sa results, may choice naman po kayo db? Let’s respect po total malapit na eleksyon. Doon na po talaga malalaman ang resulta. Kung sino man ang manalo eh yun ang will ni Lord. Godbless La Union!

  34. Jeandel,

    You’re speculating my friend. Maysa ka met a “BANNOG-SUNGO.” Kapadpadam ta amom nga SALAKSAK.

    Sino kayang mas nakakahiya sa ganyang asal ninyo?

  35. Jeandel/Thelma,

    Di niyo kasi matanggap na tapos na ang paghari-harian ng mga Dumpit dito sa second district dahil sawa na ang mga tao sa mga inutil at walang ginagawa. Inutil na nga, naglapana pa ang patayan at ibang mga masasamang elemento.

    Siyanga pala, nasaan na ang mga mayor at kapitan na dati niyong kakampi? Nag-ober da bakod sila di ba dahil wala silang maasahan sa inyo? Nakakahiya.

    Tapos sa sobrang pagkadesperado ninyo, wala kayong magawa kundi manira. Ano ba yan. Shame on you!

  36. Thelma/Jeandel,

    Daniel is right! Ang TAO ay may kanya-kanyang PANAHON at ang PANAHON ay may kanya-kanyang TAO.
    Weather weather lang yan.

    Ang superstar, nalalaos… ang luma, umaabuso at sumusobra na, pinapalitan ng bago.

  37. weeh ang dami dami nyo nmn sinasabi for the sake of politics kong titingnn nyo nga di nmn nkikita ang pag asenso.di nyo man lng nakikita ang tunay na problema ng probincya kya wala napapala kc puro pansariling kapakanan ang iniisip.sinabi nyo na sawa na kyo sa ortega eh sinu ipapalit nyo mga dumpit na dynasty ulit.nakakasawa yan wala ng pgunlad na nakikita giyerahin na sana kyo ng china dyan para lahat ng dynasty at gahaman sa pera ipafiring squad.dito sa abroad kitang kita ang pag asenso ng bansa.pati kmi mga citizen damang dama ang buhos na biyaya.God Bless Philippines

  38. mukhang may natambakan ah at mukhang may wala man lang panalo diyan?san ka na thelma?akala ko ba mananalo kayo?Bat tambak naman?hahahaha ayaw na ng mga taga la union sa inyo wag na ipilit:p

  39. Thelma, Jeandel & Timmy:

    Congratulations ah! PANALO KAYO SA WEBSITE NA ITO! Sa totoong election… OLATS! The people spoke and a convincing result came out. Ano kayang feeling ng NILAMPASO? Suwabe!

    Have a nice day folks!



    ERIGUEL- 158,350
    DUMPIT- 30,162

    128,188 yung deperensiya. What a shame!

  41. Asan na yung dinuktor na mock poll dito? Asan na si admin? Sulit ba yung ibinayad nila sa’yo. Kinain mo rin sinabi mo, admin. Nagpapagamit ka sa mga DESPERATE CANDIDATES. Shame on you!

  42. Ang gusto ko malaman nasan na si thelma, yuhooooooo nasan ka na thelma?Wag ka magtago sa tungkod ng tatay mo hahahaha. Chew on that:) tambak, next election sabak ulit kayo para naman may matalo ulit:)


    Rest in peace na lang kayo 🙂

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