Antonio Trillanes IV and His Platforms


Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV, senatorial candidate for 2013 -
Raised in Caloocan City, Antonio Trillanes IV, more popularly known as Sonny Trillanes, was the son of Philippine Navy Captain Antonio Floranza and Estelita Fuentes Trillanes. He is married to Arlene G. Orejana, a member of the PMA Corps of professors. They have 3 children, Francis Seth, Thea Estelle and late Alan Andrew who died of illness at 21 days old.

Antonio Trillanes IV studied at Sienna College in Quezon during his elementary years, then Angelicum School for secondary. He studied at De La Salle University in Manila for his Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Computer Engineering. In his third year Antonio Trillanes IV passed the PMA entrance exam and entered into public service as a cadet for the Philippine Military Academy and graduated cum laude in 1995, earning a degree in BS Naval System Engineering. He also achieved a Masters degree Public Administration, majoring in Policy and Program Management in 2002.

Aside from his military career, Antonio Trillanes IV has been in politics since 2007 when he first filed to run for senate. Despite political tension which resulted with him in jail, he was proclaimed Senator-elect in June 2007 from campaigning which took place whilst he was incarcerated. Antonio Trillanes IV has had a long running history against Gloria Macapagal’s Arroyo’s corrupt and oppressive regime, which resulted in him being imprisoned for 7.5 years. In 2010 he was given amnesty by President Benigno Aquino III and allowed to enter the Senate and perform his duties as a duly elected Senator.

Platforms/Advocacy of Antonio Trillanes IV

Previously a Senator for the Genuine Opposition, he now represents Team PNoy. He has shown support for a repeal of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 and the Sin tax reform law. Alongside this agenda is a stance against Divorce, reinstatement of the death penalty, same-sex marriage and implementation of a total gun ban.



  • Jose AB Perlas and Philip D. Marco

    Gud day Sir, we would like to request to explain to entire Filipino people how you can implement total gun ban? did you conducted research what will be the effect of total gun ban? or what will be the advantages for total gun ban? Your platform require majority votes (Lower and Upper)and require debates. and explain also what program you can help filipino people in terms of basic practical problems such as FOODS, JOBS, HOUSING. and government projects that will benefit the Filipino people, and to ready our country for climate change adaption contigency plans for the fast approaching of rainy season, and kindly make a study to impose immediate sanction for ineffective public officials, God Bless, we support you to become Senator.thanks.