For the past 25 years, Bongbong Marcos has been active in public service, and has always kept his focus on serving the Filipino people. (Photo credits: Official Facebook page of Bongbong Marcos)

Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., or “Bongbong”, as we all know him, is one of the incumbent Senators of the 16th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. He is the second child and only son of Philippine dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

On October 5, 2015, Bongbong announced his candidacy as an independent contender, with the “wise and witty” Senator Miriam-Defensor Santiago as his running mate.

Bongbong instantly gained disapproval and hatred from most Filipinos, especially from those who suffered greatly under his father’s 21-year dictatorial rule. But Bongbong immediately defended himself by saying that he was not part of whatever mistake or cruelty his father did during his term, especially because he was still young then, and even if he wanted to, he could not have possibly influenced his father to not impose Martial Law. He even quoted on his TV ads, “Hindi ako ang nakaraan ko” [I am not my past].

However, critics replied by saying that even though he didn’t take part in the cruel deeds of his father, he is clearly not apologetic for it. Now he’s running for the second highest position in the government and convinces people to vote for him, as though he expects everyone to just forget about those “dark times” and move on. Apparently, he gained more bashers than supporters. Thus, the #NeverAgain was formed and became viral.

On the other hand, Marcos Jr. was not wavered with thousands of criticisms he received upon announcing his candidacy. He continued to campaign and it deems a positive effect on his survey ratings.

Bongbong has served in various positions both in the legislative and executive branches of the government. For the past 25 years, he has been an active public servant and focused on serving the Filipino people with great pride and honor. Because of this, he has achieved a distinguished career in the government, despite all the criticisms people throw at him everyday for being the son of the Philippines’ one and only dictator.

He served as Governor of Ilocos Norte for two terms (1983-1986 and 1998-2007). Bongbong also served two terms as Representative of the 2nd District of Ilocos Norte, from 1992-1995 and 2007-2010.

In 2010, Marcos won a seat in the Senate, placing 7th in the over-all rankings. He is the current Chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government and the Committee on Public Works.

As of the moment, Marcos ranks third on pre-election Vice Presidential surveys, next to Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and Senator Chiz Escudero. On the bright side, as the May 2016 elections are nearing, Bongbong gains more supporters, also with the help of his running mate, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Both of them have fair chances in winning this year’s national elections.


Date of Birth: 13 September 1957
Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines
Address: 10 Barangay Lacub, Batac 2906 Ilocos Norte
Civil Status: Married, 17 April 1993
Spouse: Louise C. Araneta, 21 August 1959
Children: Ferdinand Alexander (7 March 1994), Joseph Simon (25 November 1995), William Vincent (17 May 1997)


MBA: Graduate Coursework in Business Administration
Wharton School of Business
University of Pennsylvania, USA
1979 - 1981

Undergraduate degree: Special Diploma in Social Studies
Oxford University
1975 - 1978

Secondary: Worth School
1970 - 1974

Elementary: La Salle Green Hills
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Kindergarten: Institucion Teresiana
Quezon City, Philippines
1962 – 1963


Senator: July 2010 - present
Congressman : Second District, Ilocos Norte, 2007 - 2010
Governor : Province of Ilocos Norte, 1998 - 2007
Congressman : Second District, Ilocos Norte, 1992 - 1995
Governor : Province of Ilocos Norte, 1983 - 1986
Vice Governor : Province of Ilocos Norte, 1981 - 1983


Awardee (Oct 1994) : Top Most Outstanding Contributor of CDF to Cooperatives
Awardee (Nov 1994) : Young Achiever Awardee for Government and Public Service


2013 - present Senator, 16th Congress


Chairman : Committee on Local Government
Committee on Public Works

Vice-Chairman : Committee on Civil Service and Government Reorganization
Committee on Cooperatives
Committee on Foreign Relations


Committee on Agrarian Reform
Committee on Agriculture and Food
Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (Blue Ribbon)
Committee on Climate Change
Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes
Committee on Economic Affairs
Committee on Education, Arts and Culture
Committee on Energy
Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
Committee on Finance
Committee on Government Corporations and Public Enterprises
Committee on Health and Demography
Committee on Labor, Employment and Human Resources Development
Committee on National Defense and Security
Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs
Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement
Committee on Women, Family Relations and Gender Equality


Chairman : Oversight Committee on ARMM Organic Act

Vice-Chairman : Oversight Committee on AFP Modernization Fund

Member :

Congressional Oversight Committee on the Special Purpose Vehicle Act
Select Oversight Committee on Barangay Affairs
Oversight Committee on The Local Government Code of 1991
Agricultural & Fisheries Modernizatioin
Congressional Oversight Committee on Agrarian Reform
Congressional Oversight Committee on The Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction And Management Act Of 2010
Special Oversight Committee on Economic Affairs
Joint Oversight Committee on The Human Security Act of 2007
Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on Cooperatives
Legislative Oversight Committee on The Visiting Forces Agreement


2007 – 2010 Representative from the 2nd District of Ilocos Norte
14th Congress Deputy Minority Leader, 14th Congress
1992 – 1995 Representative from the 2nd District of Ilocos Norte
9th Congress


1998 – 2007 Governor, Province of Ilocos Norte
1983 – 1986 Governor, Province of Ilocos Norte
1981 – 1983 Vice Governor, Province of Ilocos Norte


2009 – present Nacionalista Party
1980 – 2009 Kilusang Bagong Lipunan