Christian Seneres and His Platforms


Hans Christian Señeres, senatorial candidate for 2013 - Democratic Party of the Philippines
37-year-old Hans Christian Señeres, or simply Christian Seneres, is the representative of the BUHAY Hayaang Yumabong Party-list. His family moved to the United Arab Emirates in 1985 when he was 9, where he studied at St. Joseph’s School in Abu Dhaka. He later moved to California where he studied and finished high school with honors in 1994 at South Lakes High School. In 1998, Christian Señeres graduated Magna Cum Laude from Southeastern University, Florida, with a degree in B. S. Financial Management. He also became a member of the International Institute of Certified Financial Planners. Further along he took his Juris Doctor and majored in United States Constitutional Law at Northwestern School of Law in 1999.

In 1998, Hans Christian Seneres became the President of the National Leadership Council within the Philippines, which he organized, composed of various student leaders from different universities. In 2003 Hans Christian Seneres was elected Congressman as a representative of the BUHAY Party-list as the youngest ever elected. Throughout the duration of his term Hans Christian Seneres took on the roles of Vice Chairman of Committee on Foreign Affairs, Chairman of Subcommittee on Economic Diplomacy, Technical Working Group on the Archipelagic Baselines Law, as well as member for various other committees.

Platforms/Advocacy of Christian Seneres

As a candidate under DDP, Hans Christian Señeres follows the same platforms as his party, mainly advocating the provision of opportunity and housing for the underprivileged. Alongside this support is that for the Church which continues to involve itself with urgent solutions towards national hunger and poverty. Alongside these are also the ideals of better living standards for seniors, eradication of the national debt and also eradication of graft and corruption.



  • Jose AB Perlas and Philip D. Marco

    Sir,you have mentioned in your platform to support church which cont. to involve itself…Be informed Sir that under our Constitution is separation of Church and the State. In matter of urgent national hunger and poverty, kindly explain and assure all Filipino people how to combat hunger and poverty in what program or your platform to resolve filipino people not eating or no sufficient foods on their table, and eradication of national budget is impossible for we are a third world or let’s say developing countries but have external debts, and it is not easy to settle our debts unless we can produce our own source of government revenues to repay all our external debts, the Filipino people is too much affected, and including us we felt the effect such as continues rising of prices of goods and services, oil, etc. In terms of your platform for Anti-Corruption, what and how you will totally eradicate the anatomy of Corruption that proliferated in the whole countries and not only in the Philippines. Corruption Sir is truly a cause of poverty. In other words, Filipino people are expecting from you what you can do and implement your platform even you run or not for Senator, just start a program, and we will support your advocacies to help our Filipino people, being a Senator is not the answer, it is the entire filipino people that will unite para sa pagbabago at matuwid na daan tungo sa maunlad at masaganang pamumuhay. God Bless.