Grace Poe and Her Platforms


Grace Poe, senatorial candidate for 2013 - Team PNoy
Mary Grace Sonora Poe-Llamanzares, more popularly known as Grace Poe, is the adopted daughter of Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces, and the half-sister of the actress Lovi Poe. She is currently married to Teodoro Misael “Neil” Vera Llamanzares of which she has three children; Brian, Hanna and Nika.

Grace Poe studied at the Assumption College for the duration of her early schooling life, attending from elementary to high school. Following her successful completion of high school she attended University, earning herself a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Boston College in the United States, as well as finishing a two-year course in Development Studies at the University of the Philippines in Manila. Whilst at the University of the Philippines she was elected as Chairperson of the College Freshman Assembly (1986-1987) and Sophomore Batch Representative to the Student Council (1987-1988). During her time at Boston College Grace Poe founded the Filipino Cultural Club.

Grace Poe followed her father and assisted him with his Presidency campaign during the 2004 elections where he unfortunately suffered a stroke, slipped into a coma and died on December 14th, that year. Following Poe’s death came revelations of cheating by his rival, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, prompting Grace Poe to lead numerous protest rallies and group organized events.

The Boston College graduate does seem to know how to navigate around politics, her talents serving her well as former MTRCB Chairperson.

Platforms/Advocacy of Grace Poe

The agenda that Grace Poe holds for the upcoming senate election connects with her wanting to “build on her father’s social covenant”. The items she hopes to address include poverty alleviation, opportunities for children and Electoral reforms. These would be ratified through methods such as sustainable inclusive growth institutional support for children and an electoral system.



  • quirno j. akalal

    I am from Tawi-Tawi province, I’ve noticed that not even one of your picture is posted as a candidate for senator, I am a fan of your late father FPJ, hope you could send your picture as candidate for senator, I could be of service to you,should you need it. my warmest regards QJA