Alan Peter Cayetano and His Platforms

Alan Peter Cayetano Platforms Profile Picture
Alan Peter S. Cayetano, senatorial candidate for 2013 elections - Team PNoy, Liberal Party

Raised under the guidance of his father, former senator Rene Cayetano who’s a lawyer and a devoted public servant, Alan Peter Cayetano was inspired to follow the footsteps of his father. Having had the privilege of seeing his father consulting, meeting, and working with people from all walks of life, it was not difficult for him to decide on a lifetime advocacy and career in public service.

Despite having a father who knew the ins and outs in the world of politics, 42-year-old Alan Peter Cayetano started small and made his way slowly to the top. He served Taguig City for years by being a councillor, a vice mayor, and finally a congressman. Afterwards, he ran for senate and won a seat in 2007.

Alan Peter Cayetano is running for another term as senator under the Liberal Party (LP). Among his plans in the future are the controversial Cybercrime Law, amendments on the Libel Law, “live tweeting” of Senate sessions, giving of advance copies of amendments to law schools, and many more.

He’s a younger brother to Senator Pia Cayetano-Sebastian and Councilor Rene Carl Cayetano. Alan Peter Cayetano is married to incumbent Taguig mayor Lani Lopez-Cayetano. He graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a Political Science degree and then from the Ateneo School of Law.

On their so-called Cayetano-dynasty in Philippine politics, Alan Peter Cayetano said that they are a reformist dynasty who wants good governance, and we want to serve rather than be served. He said voters should not look at the person, but the character and the ability to deliver his and her duties to the people who voted them.

Platforms/Advocacy of Alan Peter Cayetano

Team PNoy senatorial candidate Alan Peter Cayetano’s platform is “PiTik-Presyo, Trabaho, Kita”. It proposes to lower prices, create more jobs and increase wages.

Cayetano also envisioned to “make public education absolutely free. He said, “Education must be a topmost priority of every LGU, because it is through this that the youth are equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to acquire the jobs they need and earn the wages they deserve.”

Pushing for the strict observance of the policy on non-collection of graduation fees, he cited Taguig as an example, challenging other LGUs to take on bigger roles in making education more accessible.



  • Ariana

    i wont vote for someone who doesnt care for the country, magananakaw si Cayetano! wag na nating dagdagan pa ang mga katulad ny sa senado.

  • bonnie

    Wag iboto ang plastik at walang kakwenta kwentang si Cayetano!

  • Carolyn

    Cayetano saan napunta ang pera sa C5 project? sa bulsa mo daw?

  • Delilah

    kasama si cayetano sa mga hindi ko iboboto,,pakitang tao lang sya para makapagnakaw pa uli sa pera ng taong bayan!

  • ericka

    Bakit iboboo si cayetano kung isa sya mga pinaka-corrupt sa senador!?! wag iboto!

  • Jose AB Perlas

    Gud day Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, just explain how you can assure to the Filipino people your platform of lower prices? more jobs and increase wages. as far as I know, prices varies to the products or items you will purchase and the implementing agency that protects consumer protection is Dept of Trade and Industry that also regulates and monitor to the basic prices of goods, while products and services not covered by Dept. of Trade and Industry can fix, adjust prices? more jobs is good, on what jobs you can create to our Filipino Citizen? increase wages you said? Be sure that increasing wages can answer their standard cost of living not in the lesser standard cost of living, Asian Dev’t Bank studies that Asia spent 1 dollar or less per day (less privilege)in their foods to survive daily. Can you possibly increase wages including salaries to an average of 50thousand (Salaried employees), and 25 thousand to industry workers to meet their expected standard of living, kindly make more studies of your platform. You will be the next Senator as long your promises to the Filipino to provide them jobs, increase wages and especially lowering prices of MEDICINES, FOODS, SHELTER and include shelter for everyone. I hope, and pray to win you as the next Senator of the Republic of the Philippines, be true to our Filipino People, to God, and all your platforms be materialize, and explain to all your critics what is your good intention. thanks, God Bless