Tabaco City Barangay Elections 2013, Results


Results dribbled in from the Tabaco City Barangay Elections 2013 on Monday, October 28, 2013. Hundreds of candidates vying for barangay chairmen or barangay captains and barangay councilors for Sangguniang Barangay posts are awaiting for the official results of the 2013 barangay elections. The entire city of Tabaco has a total of 47 barangays.

Map of Tabaco City, Albay

Tabaco City is a 4t class city in the province of Albay. It is one of the three component cities of the province, along with Legazpi City and Ligao City. The city has two parts, one is a mainland part and two is an island.

The mainland part of the city is bordered by the town of Malinao to the north, the towns of Polangui and Oas to the west, Ligao City to the southwest, Malilipot town to the southeast, and Lagonoy Gulf to the east. It is one of the eight towns and cities that share jurisdiction on the Mayon Volcano, dividing the peak like slices of a pie when viewed from above.

According to the 2010 Philippine census, Tabaco City has a total population of 125,083 people living in a total land area of 117.14 square kilometers (45.23 sq mi).

Tabaco City is politically subdivided into 47 barangays.

Tabaco City Barangay Elections 2013

Following are the barangays of Tabaco City, Albay.

  • Agnas (San Miguel Island)
  • Bacolod
  • Bangkilingan
  • Bantayan
  • Baranghawon
  • Basagan
  • Basud (Pob.)
  • Bogñabong
  • Bombon (Pob.)
  • Bonot
  • San Isidro
  • Buang
  • Buhian
  • Cabagñan
  • Cobo
  • Comon
  • Cormidal
  • Divino Rostro (Pob.)
  • Fatima
  • Guinobat
  • Hacienda
  • Magapo
  • Mariroc
  • Matagbac
  • Oras
  • Oson
  • Panal
  • Pawa
  • Pinagbobong
  • Quinale Cabasan (Pob.)
  • Quinastillojan
  • Rawis (San Miguel Island)
  • Sagurong (San Miguel Island)
  • Salvacion
  • San Antonio
  • San Carlos
  • San Juan (Pob.)
  • San Lorenzo
  • San Ramon
  • San Roque
  • San Vicente
  • Santo Cristo (Pob.)
  • Sua-Igot
  • Tabiguian
  • Tagas
  • Tayhi (Pob.)
  • Visita (San Miguel Island)

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