Chiz Escudero and His Platforms

Francis “Chiz” Escudero, senatorial candidate for 2013 - Team PNoy, Liberal Party

Francis Escudero, better known as Chiz Escudero, senatorial candidate for the 2013 elections, was first elected to the Philippine Senate in 2007. He earned the second highest number of votes next to Senator Loren Legarda.

Chiz Escudero previously served as a member of the Philippine House of Representatives from the 1st District Sorsogon, and as the Minority Floor Leader of the 13th Congress of the Philippines on his third and last House term.

In the 15th Congress, he chairs two major committees, the Committee on Justice and Human Rights where Chiz Escudero passed all 281 bills on additional trial courts, and the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources where all 300 bills and resolutions filed were heard and acted upon.

Among the laws Chiz Escudero authored and sponsored are: RA 9504 (Tax Exemptions for Minimum Wage Earners and Increased Tax Exemptions); RA 9576 (Increased Maximum Deposit Insurance Coverage to P500, 000); RA 9514 (Revised Fire Code of the Philippines); RA 10158 (Decriminalized Vagrancy); RA 10353 (Anti-Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance Act) and RA 9745 (Anti-Torture Act).

Chiz Escudero is the middle child of the three children of the late Representative Salvador Escudero (1st District of Sorsogon). He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City in 1988 and Bachelors of Laws at the University of the Philippines College of Law in 1993. Chiz Escudero received his Masters in International and Comparative Law at theGeorgetown University Law Center in Washington D. C. in 1996.

He was awarded the TOYM (Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines), in recognition of his selfless dedication as a youth leader and in 2007, he was the only Filipino named as Asia News Network’s Asia’s Idols. Chiz Escudero has also been honored by the prestigious World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader of 2008.

Platforms/Advocacy of Chiz Escudero

Running for his second and last term as a Senator, Chiz Escudero lays down his legislative platform by promoting the following:

  • SHELTER. Every Filipino is entitled to shelter and housing. Human dignity rests on this right. A universal housing program that ensures not only shelter but home ownership as well must be supported. Allocate land, provide affordable financing, and promote home ownership through a range of incentives.
  • ENVIRONMENT. Good governance is the key in dealing with the adverse effects of global warming and climate change. Strict and uncompromised enforcement of laws that preserve the environment must be encouraged. Teach Filipinos the need to preserve and conserve, and hold government officials accountable for enforcing environmental laws.
  • JUSTICE & HUMAN RIGHTS. Justice must be served equally and unequivocally to all Filipinos regardless of stature or station in life. Human rights are non-negotiable, they are mandated by God and country. Continue to make courts more accessible to the people to ensure the swift disposition of cases and the service of justice.
  • HEALTH. Health is wealth. The health of Filipinos must be considered a resource that deserves attention, investment, and promotion. Promote and encourage programs for universal health care, with emphasis on maternal health, care for our elders, and overall lifestyle wellness.
  • GOVERNANCE. Filipinos deserve a good government, by legal and moral right. Transparency and accountability of government officials and agencies must be the rule rather than the exception, and zero tolerance for graft and corruption should be maintained.
  • FOOD SECURITY. No Filipino should go hungry. The food production and supply system must be enhanced to ensure adequate and affordable food for everyone. Give food producers more incentives to improve productivity and boost access from farms to markets.
  • EDUCATION. Education is empowerment. The future of the nation depends on how well each Filipino is equipped to meet the challenges ahead. Promote quality education that is affordable and accessible to all. Update our education curriculum to emphasize the sciences, expand state scholarship programs in partnership with the private sector, and strengthen linkages with the private sector for job placements.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP & EMPLOYMENT. Job generation is the key to sustainable economic growth. Promote entrepreneurship and boost employment and income generation. Embrace the free market to unlock the Filipino entrepreneur’s creativity and innovativeness. Expand micro-finance programs and encourage the growth of small business. Ensure that workers’ rights are protected and promoted. Safeguard the dignity of Filipino workers at all times, they deserve no less.
  • PEACE & ORDER. Every citizen enjoys the right to safety and security. Progress can only be attained if every household in every community is secure from crime. Law enforcement must therefore be community-centric. Peace and order can best be achieved only through an effective and institutionalized partnership between the citizenry and the state.
  • WOMEN & CHILDREN. The future of the nation is best nurtured through an empowered Filipina. We shall strive to promote gender equality while strengthening laws that protect women and children. Our progress as a nation and as a people rests on our ability and capacity to protect and respect our women and children.