Gregorio Honasan and His Platforms

Gregorio B. Honasan II, senatorial candidate for 2013 - United Nationalist Alliance

Born Gregorio Ballesteros Honasan II on March 14, 1948 in Baguio City to Colonel Romero Honasan and Alice Ballesteros both originating from the Sorsogon province he grew up as an only child and studied at San Beda for a majority of his Primary schooling until moving to Taiwan to study at the Dominican School in Taipai. Gregorio Honasan returned and finished High School at Don Bosco technical College. He completed his Bachelor of Science at the Philippine Military Academy and received the title of “Class Baron” due to attaining the academy’s highest leadership award.

After graduating Gregorio Honasan spent time in the Philippine Army and went into combat against Luzon and Mindanao separatists and communist insurgents. Through the army he attained the status of Secretary of National Defence’s aid to Juan Enrile and later becoming Chief of Security. In 1986 he was captured and imprisoned after an attempted coup against Corazon Aquino.

In 1992 Gregorio Honasan was granted amnesty by Fidel V. Ramos who was recently elected and Honasan began his ascent into politics, becoming the first independent candidate in Philippine history to win a seat in the Senate.

He is married to Jane Umali of Pagsanjan, Laguna, a medical technologist by vocation and an interior designer by training. They have five children and three grandchildren.

Gregorio Honasan is currently running in the 2013 election as member of UNA.

Platforms/Advocacy of Gregorio Honasan

His agenda is mainly focussed around the Reproductive Health Law and Divorce, which he is firmly against. The Reproductive Health Law would see more people gain universal access to methods on contraception, fertility control, sexual education and maternal care. Gregorio Honasan has also voted in favor of a third reading regarding the Repeal of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. Alongside other candidates, he is also in favor of Universal Health Care.