Edward Hagedorn and His Platforms

Edward Hagedorn

Edward Hagedorn, senatorial candidate for 2013 - Independent
Edward Hagedorn, incumbent mayor of Puerto Princesa City, is one of the senatorial candidates for the 2013 elections.

First elected mayor of Puerto Princesa in May 1992, Edward Hagedorn is best recognized as one of the more successful progressive local leaders of the Philippines with his passion and dedication towards the protection of the environment. Under his leadership, Puerto Princesa was transformed into one of the more famous eco-tourism destinations in the Philippines. The city is also a global model for environment protection, elevating the city into the Hall of Fame as the Philippines “cleanest and greenest” component city and winning several global recognition and awards in the process. He was also instrumental in promoting the Palawan Underground River to be included in the list of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

The multi-awarded mayor, Edward Hagedorn once gave his city the reputation of having the lowest crime rate. Apart from this, he has begun initiatives such as Oplan Linis Program, Comprehensive Housing Program, Education Program, Infrastructure Program, Tourism Program, and many more.

Edward Hagedorn said he initially hesitated to run for senator because this will require a paradigm shift – from heading an executive department to helping in the legislative process. “I didn’t finish schooling, then I will have to produce legislation, deal with the background of law. But many things contributed to me – my experience as a local government official.”

He is running as an independent candidate, but Edward Hagedorn said that he will likely receive help from his friend, former President Joseph Estrada. He said it was Esrada who invited him to run for senator and that he will run on a pro-environment platform.

Platforms/Advocacy of Edward Hagedorn

The legislative agenda of senatorial candidate Edward Hagedorn focus on jobs, investments, national healthcare, decentralization and development of infrastructure and land use, education and youth development, renewable and sustainable energy, and social policies and advocacies.

You can visit his website for complete info about his legislative agenda.



  • Jerry De Jesus

    Nice PR work. However, the people must also know that he is one of the most feared person in Puerto. Feared, not respected. Feared because of his being a gangster. He controls the underworld of Puerto that is why he has a say who will die or who will get robbed if they don’t give protection money. After he lost in the gubernatorial race in 2001, he orchestrated the Dos Palmas incident. An investigation and subsequent report by the military pointed to him as the one who supplied the motorcycles used by the kidnappers. However, he was able to suppress this investigation but not before Newbreak got hold of it.

    This person may seem an angel outside but every bit of a demon inside.

  • Felix Cortado

    The 7 wonders was a sham and should even be investigated instead of being used as propaganda.

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