Candidate for Senator 2013: Eddie Villanueva and His Profile

Eddie Villanueva, candidate for senator, 2013 - Bangon Pilipinas Party

Eduardo C. Villanueva, known as Bro. Eddie Villanueva, is a religious and political leader in the Philippines and a presidential candidate in the 2010 Philippine election as standard bearer of the Bangon Pilipinas Party.

Bro. Eddie Villanueva is the personification of what a servant-leader is.

His life, spanning over six decades, has been fully devoted to seeking and pursuing the good of others. As a youth, he led the student sector in fighting the abuses of a regime gearing itself for a martial rule. As a patriot, he was among those who fought martial law and consequently, was jailed twice for championing the cause of the victims of land-grabbing. As a professor, Eddie Villanueva mentored economics students in the country’s pioneering school of commerce. As a pastor, he took care of hurting and wounded people and led them into the loving goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As President of Bangon Pilipinas Party, a political party in the Philippines, formed in 2004 and unaffiliated with either major coalition in the 2007 elections, he relentlessly pursues national transformation.

Bro. Eddie Villanueva would always say that one cannot love God without loving the nation. Because God loves people.

His long experience as a political activist harmonizes well with one of his favorite passages in the Bible, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” (Proverbs 13:4)

His influence in the political sphere, specifically in governance, was proven by his eminent role as spiritual adviser not only to former Presidents, but also to former and current politicians and bureaucrats. His advice always centered on good governance. When leaders divert from this principle and become incorrigible, Bro. Eddie Villanueva would then boldly speak on the wrong-doing, call for change and then pray for the nation.

To him, righteousness and good governance are inseparable.

Profile of Bro. Eddie Villanueva


Grad Schools:

  • Doctorate Degree in Divinity, Promise Christian University-Los Angeles, California ’08
  • Doctor of Education Management, Polytechnic University of the Philippines ’03
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities, Bulacan State University ’03
  • Doctor of Divinity, Christian International (CI) based in Sta. Rosa Beach, Florida ’97

Bachelor of Science in Economics minor in Finance and Cooperatives, Polytechnic University of the Philippines ’69

High School:
Meycauayan Institute (now Meycauayan College)


Employer: Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide
Position: Spiritual Director/International President

Employer: Philippines for Jesus Movement
Position: National Chairman

Employer: ZOE Broadcasting Network, Inc.
Position: Chairman




  • cecile turalba

    Bro.Eddie sa senado,tuloy and laban sa pagpapatuloy ng tunay na pagbabago sa bansang PILIPINAS…………

  • Marvin Castro

    Si Bro.Eddie ang higit na kylangan natin sa Senado…kaya aq, sa aking simpleng paraan, ga2win q ang lahat ng aking maka2ya para ikampanya ang tunay na may pagmamahal sa Diyos at sa Bayan… Ating suportahan, iboto, at ikampanya si Bro.Eddie Villanueva na maging su2nod na senador ng ating bansa… 🙂

  • jenelito acal

    Mga kababayan kailangan nating piliin c bro.eddie villanueva dahil gusto nating bagohin ang takbo sa pamalakad ng ating gobyerno .Isang taong may puso at damdaming maka-Diyos at matapang na sumigaw kon ano ang kabaloktotan ng ating lipunan.Handang tumulong sa lahat na mga nangangailangan,handang maglilingkod sa lahat na oras ng ating kababayan .Ibuto natin c bro.Eddie sa senado…

  • Laudemer M. Borja

    Yes, ako ky brod. Eddie, for all we know that one man stands for us for the purpose in God site. GOD BLESS PILIPINAS, SUPPORTAHAN NATIN C BROD. EDDIE PARA SA SENADO…

  • Jarod Sonido

    i will vote for bro. eddie only, one senator vote only, para ang puntos na kay bro eddie lang at hindi madadagdagan ang puntos ng iba. kaya. OK BA ANG STRATEGY KO? sino sali?


    yes ako kay bro.eddie para senador may roong siyang panindigan 1.may takot sa Diyos 2.makatao at makabayan.

  • Roque A. Bolutano Jr.

    I will vote for him. 🙂

  • Roger Dela Cruz

    Ako at ang aking buong pamilya ay aming iboboto ang pinili ng Diyos para sa ating bansa ang nag iisa at walang katulad si Bro. Eddie Villanueva for Senator, Dito Abu Dhabi UAE excited na kaming iboto si Bro. Eddie, Bro. Eddie God bless you more.


    Lagi nating sinasabi na hindi tayu makapili ng iboboto… kasi lahat naman is corrupt… so gagawin natin is to vote for the person na lesser evil so to speak…. ngayun, hindi na lesser evil ang choice…. A MAN of GOD… Brod. Eddie… let’s vote for Brod. Eddie and pray for the transformation of our country, the Phils.