Greco Belgica and His Platforms

Greco Belgica, senatorial candidate for 2013 elections - Democratic Party of the Philippines

Greco Belgica or also known as Greco Antonious Beda B. Belgica, 34-years-old, is the father of two children, Nicole and Don, and husband to Nina Rizzi Concepcion Velasco-Belgica of the International School of Manila. Belgica studied at the San Beda College in Mendiola, Manila, earning himself a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management. He also finished his post-graduate studies on International Trade and Commerce at the University of California, Berkley, USA.

Greco Belgica is a former city councilor of Manila, specifically the Sixth District, in which he served from 2004 to 2007, while also maintaining the position as Chairman of the Committee on Police, Fire and Public Safety and the Committee on Economic Development.

Currently he is also the President of the Yeshua Change Agents, a Non-Governmental Organization involved in Anti-Drug Campaigns and advocating reconstruction of society to its Biblical calling.

Greco Belgica is an advocate for a flat-tax system to be implemented in the Philippines. This system would provide a one kind tax of not more than 10%, only on net income both for the individual and businesses profit.

Among the list of other changes, Greco Belgica hopes for drug-free, safe and peaceful communities through corrective legislation and implementation of “The Dangerous Drug Act”. He also wants structure in the police system for the control of syndicated and organized criminal activities and promises to ensure financial and natural resources of the country. As for the church, he said he wants the government to give churches the authority to teach and receive, free from regulations, intrusions and restrictions.

Greco Belgica is running as a Senatorial candidate for the 2013 Philippine Senate elections under the newly accredited Democratic Party of the Philippines, as well as the Partido ng Manggagawa at Magsasaka.

Platforms/Advocacy of Greco Belgica

  1. Higher income opportunities, less government deduction. A simplified, one-kind, one-time, and simplified tax system that will free Filipinos from the oppressive, excessive, and unjust manner of collection. A Flat Tax of not more than 10% of individual or corporate “net income”. In a Flat Tax system, costs of utilities, electricity, water, food, and fuel, will all decrease. Workers’ take home pay and business profit will increase. Government tax collection will drastically increase because tax base will increase and more people will pay the right tax when tax rate is small, simple and light. A simplified tax system shall erradicate corruption in tax collection. Similar to 43 other countries who experienced economic breakthrough because of Flat Tax, and the “TOP” business nations of the world are using the Flat Tax system.
  2. Drug-free, safe and peaceful communities through corrective legislation and proper, faithful, implementation of the spirit of RA 9165 “The Dangerous Drugs Act”, and correct basic, structural defect in our police system to control syndicated and organized criminal activities such as jueteng, kidnap for ransom, carnap, street crimes, etc.; a limited, small and decentralized government power down to the barangay level.
  3. Make all financial and natural resources available and accessible to our countrymen by scrapping or amending restrictive and confiscatory statutes and policies so every family can have their own home, land and/or livelihood to bring out the best in our people here in our country.
  4. A kinder and gentler government that protects the autonomy and God-given authority of the Church to teach and receive, manage contributions to pursue and conduct their ministries free from government regulations, intrusions and restrictions.
  5. Abolish the PDAF and convert the fund to the TUITION FEE VOUCHER SYSTEM. - The P 100B + PDAF should be scrapped and converted into a fund where the youth and all students can get a voucher and bring it into any school they choose to study. This will not only make quality education available for all, but create competition among the schools to get the business from the students therefore lower down tuition fees while offering the best program.
  6. To make available through “STEWARDSHIP” all PUBLIC LANDS to families who does not have land and young couples (BAGONG KASAL) who are starting a family who are willing to till or develop the land. (In relation to our 3rd proposal).