Candidate for Senator 2013: Baldomero Falcone and His Profile

Baldomero Falcone for Senator 2013

Baldomero Cordero Falcone, candidate for senator, 2013 - Democratic Party of the Philippines
Baldomero Falcone is a Filipino business consultant and politician currently running as a candidate for the 2013 Philippine Senate elections under the newly accredited Democratic Party of the Philippines, a political party in the Philippines founded in 2010 by Dr. Ernesto G. Ramos which seeks to be an alternative to traditional politics.

He ran for vice president in the 2010 national elections but was unsuccessful in his bid. Baldomero Falcone, along with two others, were disqualified from participating in the 2010 elections by the COMELEC citing they have “no political track record to prove it’s capability to mount a serious campaign despite fielding candidates in national positions.”

As a businessman and securitization expert, Baldomero Falcone is the president of Milenium Industrial Commercial Corporation, involved in reclaiming land in Cebu and vice-president of Global Interphase Security Services Provider Inc., a firm that provides foreign assignments to retired officers. He claimed that securitization is his special skill and that this can help increase revenues and decrease unemployment in the country.

He is the only senatorial candidate hailing from Visayas a “political abnormality” attributed to the existence of political dynasties pointed out that most of the candidates running for senator are only representing other family members in the senate.

Falcone has been highly vocal in his criticism of “oligarchs” and highly political families. He undoubtedly supports this bill, pushing for his vision of a truer democracy than one that is manipulated by the old and rich.

Baldomero Falcone was born on September 19, 1944 in Hindang, Leyte.

He is married to Alice L. Falcone.

Baldomero Falcone lives in Marikina City, Metro Manila.

Profile of Baldomero Falcone


  • B.A., Sacred Heart Seminary
  • M.A. Philosophy University of St. Carlos, Cebu
  • MBA, Asian Institute of Management
  • Ph.D Candidate. Philosophy, University of the Philippines, Diliman


  • Co-founded with graduate professors Russ Allen and Dr. Vic Ordonez the Ford Foundation-funded Master of Arts in Educational Administration at the Phil. Normal University
  • Former Cebu Professor: SouthWestern University (SWU), University of the Visayas (UV) University of Cebu (UC)
  • Mobilized his townmates in Metro Manila to have a giant Statue of their patron St Michael Archangel sculpted by International Sculptor Ed Castrillo, installed the Artistic masterpiece in the town plaza of Hindang Leyte, creating a prideful tourist attraction of the town.
  • Authored the book “Christian Economics: The Philippines’ Developmental Ideology” (published 1984) Authored the book “A Whip of Roses to Rouse a Sleeping Philippine Giant”(still unpublished)
  • Co-founded Consultasia Management Services Inc., under this firm put up two pioneering tourist beach resorts, one in Agoo, La Union, the other in Lingayen, Pangasinan
  • Co-founded FG Finance Company, a lending company, with 12 branches in the country; among the few first in the industry to provide no-collateral loans to employees. Packaged the recapitalization of MICC (Milenium Industrial Commercial Corp.) to become one of the largest stock firms in the country.
  • Seconded the late Dr.(Fr.) Ernesto G. Ramos Ph.D and his brother Luis G. Ramos in the organization of DPP / the Democratic Party of the Philippines / the Democratic Party of the Poor.


  • National President. DPP or Democratic Party of the Philippines / Democratic Party of the Poor ,a new national political Party represented in all the country’s 17 regions, with aspirations to empower the poor towards sufficiency thru the election of leaders with hearts and minds genuinely for the poor. Bal Falcone has just been nominated by the DPP (and humbly accepted) as its Senatoriable Candidate to the coming National Elections.
  • Executive Director. Sagip Bansa Filipinas Foundation Inc., an NGO dedicated to helping provide jobs and houses and lots to the poorest of the poor in Philippine society. Starting last year to put into actual action this advocacy, Sagip Bansa with the acquiescence of the Spartan Mining and Development Corporation of DPP’s Chairman Luis G. Ramos has provided decent and well paying jobs (hand-magnetizing iron sand) to more than a thousand displaced Aetas around Mt. Pinatubo while preparing to provide jobs and homes (200 sq. mtr. lots with 50 sq mtr. houses for each family) to the thousands of families and informal settlers of Metro Manila (Smokey Mountain, Payatas, Farola, North Triangle, Baseco etc.) collocating them decently in Brgy. Villar, Botolan Zambales. In this regard, he has led efforts to the securitization of this project which will create a new city (tentatively captioned “Magnificat City”) of the poor, for the poor, and by the poor empowering themselves towards decent sufficiency,while at the same time restoring Manila to its original grandeur, of which great Filipino writer Nick Joaquin constantly exulted.
  • President. Milenium Industrial Commercial Corporation (MICC),a Cebu-based company with the following projects:reclaiming a 400 Hectares company property across the Cebu Navigational Lane in front of the old Cebu city harbor, Constructing a bridge from an area near Cebu City hall to said Property, developing said property; establishing a modern cement Plant in the company’s cementatious concession in Carcar, Cebu, whose corporate social responsibility(CSR) is to help curb the national homelessness.
  • Vice-President. Global Interphase Security Services Provider Inc. (or GISSPI), a Filipino firm dedicated to providing good foreign assignments to retired officers, soldiers and army men; together with ADI / Arch. Designers Inc., and Nippon Steel of Japan projects the transformation of Laguna Lake and surrounding areas into key tourism towns and destinations worthy of global admiration.


A) SECURITIZATION: the ability/special know-how (he learned from special tutors here and abroad) to create Asset Pool Trusts with selected banks to raise from the Trust departments of banks and high-net worth individuals and juridical entities critical capital funds for viable projects thru domestic and international bond flotation enhanced by third party guarantors/ insurers. (Unknown to many, the combined trust money in the Trust Department of Philippine Banks now amounts to close to Three (3) Trillions Pesos. The major monetary instrument / access tool to these inefficiently and unequitably utilized funds (a luxurious plaything of the few rich, comfortable and powerful) is Securitization. Bal Cordero Falcone can initiate the Securitization of Viable Projects in each city and province to increase the provincial revenues (besides its IRA) as well as solve the unemployment problem of each province city and town


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