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Candidates for Governor of La Union, 2013

On this page is the list of the candidates for governor of La Union in the coming May 13, 2013 elections. Profiles of candidates, mock vote, and other info are also available here. You can also cast your vote for the gubernatorial candidates in our poll embedded below.

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Manuel C. Ortega
Thomas L. Dumpit, Jr.
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La Union Capitol

Capitol building of La Union in Region I | Photo grabbed from

Two gubernational candidates of La Union are running for the May 13, 2012 elections. Incumbent governor Manuel C. Ortega is running for reelection. His opponent is former congressman Thomas L. Dumpit, Jr.

La Union is one of the provinces of Region I. Its capital city is San Fernando City. La Union’s borders are Ilocos Sur to the north, Benguet to the east, and Pangasinan to the south. To the west of La Union is the South China Sea.

It is composed of 1 component city, 19 municipalities, 2 congressional districts, or 576 barangays. As of 2007, La Union is composed of 720,972 residents, where 93% of the population is Ilocano and is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. Pangasinan, Tagalog, Kankana-ey, and English speakers comprised the 7% of the 2007 population.

Profile of Gubernatorial Candidates for May 2013 Elections

Manuel C. Ortega

Manuel C. Ortega (NPC), gubernatorial candidate of La Union, 2013

Manuel C. Ortega is the governor of La Union, elected for 2010-2013 period.

Like his brother La Union 1st District Congressman Victor F. Ortega, he is a teacher by heart. From 1977 to 1980, he was a UST professor in commerce. A business guru himself, he held top positions on some of the country’s largest private corporations.

He eventually sought and carved his own niche in La Union politics, consistent with the legacy of public service handed down by his grandfather, Don Joaquin Joaquino Ortega, La Union’s first elected civilian governor and his father, former House Speaker Pro Tempore Francisco “Pacoy” L. Ortega.

Elected mayor of then town of San Fernando in 1988, he served for three full consecutive terms until May 10, 1998. When San Fernando residents voted for the conversion of their town into a city through a plebiscite, he served as mayor of the now City of San Fernando. Ortega’s incumbency as chief executive of the then town of San Fernando was remarkable for unerring focus on peace and order, stimulating socio-economic development, cleaning and greening of its communities and superb delivery of public services.

Before becoming the Father of the Province, he ran and won as representative of La Union’s 1st District from 1998 to 2007. During his three terms as member of the House of Representatives, he earned the respect of the leadership of the chamber and of his peers. Governor Ortega, either as principal author or co-sponsor, has filed a number of legislative measures seeking among others, the grant of greater autonomy to local government units; reduction of red tape in the bureaucracy; increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of the Philippine National Police; rationalization of the use of funds allocated for public works and infrastructure projects; increase of the monetary and other benefits of barangay officials, barangay health workers, teachers, policemen, firemen and other frontline civil servants; and introduction of reforms to the national tax and revenue system particularly on its effects to the tobacco industry.


  • Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) - National Defense College of the Philippines, Fort Bonifacio, Manila, 1976
  • Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Management & Business Administration - University of Santo Tomas, Manila, 1976

Citations and Awards:

  • Region’s Outstanding Municipal Executive (ROME) Gold Medallion Award
    Conferred by the Department of Local &Interior Government (DILG), Region Iin Dec. 1996 in recognition of his proven abilities in local governance.
  • Region’s Outstanding Municipality of the Year (ROMY) Award
    Conferred by DILG in December 1996 in recognition of his exemplary record of performance in the different areas of local governance such as management systems, local financial administration, local legislation, service delivery,
    development planning and community mobilization.
  • Saranay Award
    Highest award conferred by the Province of La Union in 1995 in recognition and deep appreciation of his remarkable contribution toward making La Union the most peaceful province in Region I and one of the cleanest and greenest in the country.
  • Award of Excellence
    Conferred by the Province of La Union to the Municipality of San Fernando, La Union in March 1995 in recognition and deep appreciation of the commendable contribution of the municipal government under his leadership in making La Union the most peaceful province in the region and one of the cleanest and greenest in the country, earning various national and regional awards for the province and hereby giving honor and prestige to La Union and contributing significantly to the progress and well-being of its people.
  • Likas Yaman Award
    Conferred by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Region Iin 1993 in recognition or his active involvement and invaluable contribution to the fulfillment of the mission and objectives of DENR through the project Operation MIA, “Magsidalus Iti Arubayanna” (Clean your own surroundings).
  • Hall of Fame Award
    conferred by DILG in 1993 for his most outstanding performance as municipal Mayor in Region I for four(4) consecutive years (1989, 1990, 1991, 1992/1993).
  • Performance Award
    Conferred by DILG in 1989, 1990 and 1991 as Outstanding Municipal Mayor of Region I on the basis of consistent exemplary leadership, competence and dedication to public service.
  • Salakot Award
    Conferred by DILG in 1991 as Outstanding Municipal Mayor of Region I for the year.



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