Candidate for Senator 2013: Jamby Madrigal and Her Profile

Jamby Madrigal, candidate for senator, 2013 - Liberal Party of the Philippines (LPP)

Jamby Madrigal, also known as Maria Ana Consuelo Madrigal Focfuquita Valade (born Maria Ana Consuelo Abad Santos Madrigal April 26, 1958), is a former senator and a politician in the Philippines. She was elected during the 2004 general elections as a Senator. She ran for president in the 2010 presidential elections but lost.

She is formerly the Chairperson of four Senate Committees:[6] Committee on Environment, Committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations, Committee on Peace, Unification and Reconciliation, and the Committee on Cultural Communities.

Jamby Madrigal began her senatorial career by quickly establishing her credentials as a true social reformer known for taking principled and uncompromising stands on national issues, thus notching up a consistent pro-Filipino and nationalist voting record in the Senate.

Her voice was also one of the most strident and vociferous in the Senate debating chamber during the highly controversial jueteng and NBN-ZTE investigations and hearings in the Senate. This ran consistent with unequivocal opposition to the corrupt Arroyo government as she gallantly took up the people’s fight against that corrupt and oppressive regime.

Jamby Madrigal has filed bills in the areas of education, juvenile justice, gender equality, empowerment, anti-trafficking and anti-pornography. She has also authored bills on the protection of the indigenous peoples and their ancestral domain as well as the protection and conservation of the environment.

Other Info

Jamby Madrigal was born on 26 April 1958 in Manila to Antonio and Amanda Madrigal. She is the granddaughter of the former Supreme Court Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos of San Fernando, Pampanga. Her granduncle – pre-Commonwealth Assemblyman Pedro Abad Santos was the father and founder of the Socialist Party of the Philippines. The Abad Santos brothers were rich landowners who gave up their land to live with the tenants in their fight for social justice.

She married Frenchman Eric Jean Claude Dudoignon Valade on December 7, 2002 at the Calatagan, Batangas farm estate of her aunt, the late Doña Consuelo “Chito” Madrigal-Collantes (1921–2008).

In May 2008 Jamby Madrigal formally filed court pleadings to contest the validity of the last will and testament of her late aunt Chito Madrigal-Collantes.


  • Philippine senator
  • Former Presidential Adviser for Children’s Affairs
  • Founder, Books-for-the-Barangay Foundation Inc.
  • Founder and chairperson, Abad Santos Madrigal Foundation Inc.
  • Chairperson, ABLE Foundation Inc. (Scholarships for the deserving poor)
  • Former undersecretary, Department of Social Welfare and Development


  • Degree in Economics and French – Sta. Clara University, California USA
  • International and Developmental Economics – Yale University
  • Trade and Shipping special course – Cambridge University UK


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