Region 4-A (CALABARZON) Official Candidates for 2013

This is a directory of official candidates who are running for governor, vice governor, sangguniang panlalawigan (board member), congressman, mayor, vice mayor, and sangguniang bayan (councilor) in Region IV-A (CALABARZON) for the May 2013 elections.

CALABARZON Official Candidates 2013
Map of Region IV-A (CALABARZON)

CALABARZON is in southwestern Luzon, just south and east of Metro Manila and is the second most densely populated region. The acronym CALABARZON came from names of its provinces: CAvite, LAguna, BAtangas, Rizal, and QueZON. The region is also more formally known as Southern Tagalog Mainland.

The largest city of CALABARZON Region and the second highly-urbanized city is Antipolo City. Lucena City is the first highly-urbanized city in this region.

Also known as Region 4-A (Region IV-A), the region is composed of 5 provinces, 17 cities, 129 municipalities, 4,011 barangays and 19 congressional districts. As of 2010, its population reached a total of 12,609,803 residents. That is why CALABARZON is considered the most populated region in the Philippines.

Calamba City, which is the capital city of Laguna, is the regional center of Region IV-A (CALABARZON) via Executive Order No. 246, dated October 28, 2003. With a total land area of 16,368.12 sq. km (6,319.77 sq mi), Region IV-A is inhabited by Tagalog, English, Chavacano, and others.

The large majority of the population of Calabarzon is Roman Catholic which is more than 80% of the region’s population. Other religions represented are Protestants, Evangelicals, Islam, and Iglesia Ni Cristo and Members Church of God International (Ang Dating Daan) where having also large number memberships.

Here are the lists of 2013 official candidates for Region IV-A (CALABARZON):

    • Batangas
    • Cavite
    • Laguna
    • Quezon
    • Rizal



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