Rizalito David and His Platform

Rizalito Yap David, senatorial candidate for 2013 elections - Ang Kapatiran Party

Ang Kapatiran party senatorial candidate and radio commentator Rizalito David once again runs for a seat after losing in the 2010 elections. He believes that this time around, he is closer to winning a senate seat.

The 51-year-old who is currently a radio commentator and program host of “Gising Kapatid!” and “Turo ni Ina” at Radio Veritas 846 said his extensive experience in crafting laws when he was a legislative staff and consultant to several senators and congressmen makes him qualified to serve as a senator. “I spent more than half of my career life in legislation in the Senate and Congress. In fact, I was among the people behind many of our existing laws,” Rizalito David said.

A sociology graduate and a holder of a master’s degree in environmental studies from the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB), Rizalito David said many of the legislation he worked on were about the environment and natural resources such as Clean Air Act, Solid Waste Management Act, Clean Water Act and the Philippine Mining Law.

Rizalito David was an instructor and a research assistant at the UPLB Program on Environmental Sciences and Management, a Development Management Officer and then Chief of Strategic Planning of the DENR and Chief of the Research and Monitoring Staff for the Liberal Party.

Platforms/Advocacy of Rizalito David

Some of his platforms include abolishing all forms of gambling, death penalty and the pork barrel system, ending the use of torture, violence in school fraternities and other institutions, fighting political dynasty, repealing the RH law, having a legislated gun control, and freedom of information bill.

Rizalito David said Kapatiran canditates share a common platform. They vow to fight political dynasty and push for the abolition of pork barrel.

David said he would also push for a strengthened environmental protection provision in the existing mining law.




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