Malabon Barangay Elections 2013, Results

Malabon Barangay Elections 2013 will be held on Monday, October 28, 2013. The elections shall elect 21 barangay captains, and 147 members of the Sangguniang Barangay, or barangay council, in 21 barangays throughout the lone congressional district of the City of Malabon whose terms start on November 30, 2013.

Map of Malabon Barangays | Malabon Barangay Elections 2013
Map of the City of Malabon (Barangays)

Malabon City is primarily a residential and industrial town and is one of the most densely populated cities in the metropolis.

It is part of the sub-region of Metro Manila informally called CAMANAVA, which consists of CAloocan, MAlabon, NAvotas, and VAlenzuela cities.

Malabon City is now divided into 21 barangays but before the present-day Malabon, the town was originally composed of sitios (barangays) and others were further divided into two or more puroks.

Malabon Barangay Elections 2013

Following are the lists of barangays of the City of Malabon subdivided into two districts.

District I Barangays

  • Barangay Baritan
  • Barangay Bayan-bayanan
  • Barangay Catmon
  • Barangay Concepcion
  • Barangay Dampalit
  • Barangay Flores
  • Barangay Hulong Duhat
  • Barangay Maysilo
  • Barangay Muzon
  • Barangay Niugan
  • Barangay Panghulo
  • Barangay San Agustin
  • Santolan

District II Barangays

  • Barangay Acacia
  • Barangay Longos
  • Barangay Potrero
  • Barangay Tinajeros
  • Barangay Tonsuya
  • Barangay Tugatog

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