Candidate for Senator 2013: Grace Poe and Her Profile

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Grace Poe, candidate for Senator, 2013 - Independent
Grace Poe-Llamanzares is the former chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in the Philippines. She is the adopted daughter of National Artist Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), the King of Philippine Movies, and his wife Susan Roces, as well as the half-sister of the actress Lovi Poe.

As MTRCB chair, she has accomplished introduction of a new classification system for movies and television, additional institutional support to independent film makers, and institutional engagement with other government agencies, media organizations and other interest groups in order to protect the interests of children.

Grace Poe shares her father’s passion to serve and desire to help the poor. Like her father, she understands that poverty can break the Filipino family and bring great harm to our children. She sees the need to focus poverty alleviation efforts on the family as a basic social institution. She wants government to take a more active role in helping children of poor families. She believes that the future of our nation depends on the kind of citizens these children will become.

Her platform builds on FPJ’s social covenant and focuses on three areas: Poverty alleviation, Opportunities for all, especially the children, and Electoral reforms.

Grace Poe has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Boston College, USA and finished two years of Development Studies at UP Manila.

Profile of Grace Poe

Career History

Chairman, Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) (October 10, 2010 – October 2, 2012)


  • Bachelor Arts in Political Science degree and Master Degree (with concentration in Government and Political Theory), 1991
  • Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies in University of the Philippines Manila (UPM) (1986-1987, 1987-1988)
  • Elementary and Secondary Education at the Assumption College

Platform of Grace Poe

  • Poverty Alleviation. We should promote an environment of inclusive growth, focus anti-poverty programs on the family, and mobilize the support of all sectors. This will happen when there is good governance, when government has the capacity to generate resources, when our leaders have the will to use these resources for the most vulnerable sectors, when our people feel safe in their homes and the communities, and when even our culture reflects our people’s desire to break away from poverty.
  • Opportunities for our Children. We should provide opportunities for our children so that they will grow up to become productive citizens and active participants in our country’s development. We should give special attention to children who are victims of poverty. They deserve a better future.
  • Electoral Reforms. Never again should we allow any group, no matter how powerful they are, to deny our people of our right to choose our leaders. We should put in place the necessary electoral reforms, provide sufficient funding for implementation, and rekindle our people’s trust in the electoral system.




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